Recorded on November 10, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

The New Rules of Social Media for Maximum Results in 2017

Scott Empringham Owner & CEO of FlashPoint

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It’s not an understatement to say that the majority of dealerships struggle with their social media. Striking that delicate balance between advertising products, specials and services while making it seem like you aren’t trying is difficult. And keeping the posts light, fun, and fresh, hoping for engagement and comments and (gasp!) shares is an incredible challenge for anyone looking to capitalize on social media.

And the rules of social media engagement are vastly different now from just a couple of years ago. HAVE YOU KEPT UP WITH THE NEW RULES OF SOCIAL MEDIA??

For this important topic, we brought in Social Media heavy hitter Scott Empringham. This essential 1-hour webinar is a detailed 3-part presentation where he will share his no-fluff, practical guide for the technologically progressive dealership.

Scott will first discuss global trends that are impacting you right now and Facebook secrets that you need to know. Next, he will walk you through the What – When – How to do Social Media in a way that generates immediate incremental sales and service appointments. Lastly, Scott will present you with a clear blueprint to jumpstart your Social Media efforts over the next 30 days and beyond.

In the end, attendees will leave with a step-by-step approach on how ANY dealership can double their influence, leads, sales and service—with the very latest Facebook tools and techniques AND, as a kicker, how to powerfully leverage Snapchat and Instagram to drive millennials to your dealership.  That’s what we call a WIN-WIN-WIN, people!

If you know that Social Media is integral to your dealership and you want to learn The New Rules of Social Media for Maximum Results in 2017, then you simply can’t afford to miss this presentation! Register Now!

PRESENTER: SCOTT EMPRINGHAM is the owner and CEO of FlashPoint, a social-first digital agency that boasts over $1 billion of cars sold via social (and counting). For more than 20 years his passion has been helping car companies and their retailers break through the clutter using digital marketing and social media to drive results in the areas that matter most – Sales and Service. Scott has worked with nearly every major OEM (Ford, Toyota, Cadillac, GMC, Buick, Honda, Lincoln Chrysler, Jeep, Fiat, Dodge, Lexus, etc.), their Dealer Groups and well over 2,000 Dealers, both in the U.S. and overseas. Flash Point has garnered tremendous recognition for their unprecedented social media innovation and technology including numerous awards such as National Telly Awards and Event Tech Awards. With prestigious accolades like “Best Use of Technology” and “Best Use of Facebook”, it’s no wonder that Scott has become an in-demand speaker at some of our industry’s biggest conferences such as Digital Dealer, Brand Innovators and RVDA. He can be reached at scott.empringham@fpcdigital.com.

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