Recorded on September 29, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Lead Handling like a Rockstar!

Bobbie Herron Director of Dealer Marketing for ZMOT Auto

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Have you ever asked yourself why more Internet leads aren’t turning into buyers in your store? After all, if you could simply improve your close rate on internet leads to just 20%, it would result in ENORMOUS PROFITS! And yes, there are a few Automotive Rockstars that have been able to raise their close rate to even more than that!


When it comes to learning about the best lead handling strategies, we called in an Automotive Rockstar to show us the way! Bobbie Herron has been “putting dreams in driveways” for over 15 years and she is ready to share all!

In this captivating and fast-paced 1 hour webinar, attendees will learn:

  • When, how often, and which kind of follow up to use for maximum results
  • How the source of an Internet opportunity can guide you on how to engage that buyer and get them to respond to you
  • The most effective way to handle a lead that asks no questions yet still turn that opportunity into a sale…and so much more!

AND to close out this hour of awesomeness, Bobbie is going to also share 3 immediately implementable items for each department that are proven to increase sales today! And best of allher suggestions won’t cost you a dime!

This presentation is only for those ready to dominate their market, close more leads and reap the huge benefits that await. All others need not apply.

Whether you’re a Salesperson, Internet Manager, Sales Manager or a General Manager, don’t miss this chance to hear from one of the brightest stars of the Automotive Industry. If you are ready to learn Lead Handling Like a Rockstar, and make BIG $$$, then you can’t afford to miss this webinar! Register now!

PRESENTER: Bobbie Herron is the Director of Dealer Marketing for ZMOT Auto and is responsible for the creation and implementation of Digital Marketing strategies and conversion best practices for dealer clients. Utilizing market information and cutting edge technology to increase consumer engagement and create targeted in-market buyer opportunities, ZMOT is best known for providing unparalleled tailor-designed digital sales solutions, 1:1 sales attribution and regional exclusivity for automotive dealerships within the United Stated, Canada and Mexico. Bobbie had spent over 16 years enjoying a diverse automotive career and various responsibilities within a retail dealership, including General Manager, before coming to ZMOT. She is a very popular presenter at numerous conferences including Digital Dealer, Women in Automotive and Driving Sales, a guest lecturer at Northwood University, and a named winner of the 2015 Automotive News “40 Under 40”. Bobbie can be reached at BHerron@ZMoTAuto.com.



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