Recorded on March 20, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Increase Your Sales & Profits with Jim Ziegler’s Social Media Strategy

James A. Ziegler "The Alpha Dawg"

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This webinar features industry legend, Jim Ziegler, taking a deep dive into his proven social media techniques & strategies.

In this 1 hour session, Jim goes live on the Internet taking the participants on a guided tour of his entire Social Media spectrum. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Google; Da Man, reveals how to build and nurture relationships with thousands of relevant friends and followers…and how to organize and motivate a loyal following of raving fans.

In this eye-opening presentation, Jim Ziegler discusses ‘Relationship Marketing’ and how to leverage relationships beneficially for increased sales and profits; from social media interaction to effective CRM, The Alpha Dawg sails seamlessly through the technology virtual world bringing relationships to the real world.

Whether you are a Dealer Principal or General Manager, Sales Professional or a Sales Manager, BDC Manager or Internet Sales Professional, this presentation will dramatically affect your sales and profits! Period.

If you are ready to learn the best social media strategies, weld lifelong relationships and solidify customer loyalty, then spend an hour with the one and only Jim Ziegler at his best!

PRESENTER: James A. Ziegler,  aka “The Alpha Dawg”, is a recognized industry thought leader, best-selling author, magazine columnist and a certified speaking professional (CSP). In 37 years, Ziegler has done business with more than 15,000 dealerships and more than 100,000 Dealers, managers and factory executives have attended Jim’s seminars. Traveling 200 days a year, he has worked in more than 1000 showrooms in no less than 200 cities in 49 states. (Hasn’t made it to Alaska yet) A celebrity speaker in the U.S. auto industry, Ziegler is known for his high energy, controversial, top-rated keynote speeches, national convention workshops, and in-dealership hands-on training. He has been the featured keynote speaker for 80 State Automobile Dealer Association Annual Conventions and has been consistently rated as a top speaker at 12 National NADA Conventions. Jim is often quoted as an industry expert by news outlets such as Reuters, Automotive News, USA Today, Bloomberg News, Dow-Jones, Entrepreneur magazine and CNN. He is the author of the best-selling book The Prosperity Equation and he can be reached at ZieglerSS@aol.com.

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