Recorded on June 5, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Write Great Emails That Get Responses & Drive Results

Justin Brun & Ben Koller Co-Founders of Dynamic Beacon

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How effective do you think your emails are at triggering a customer’s response?

If you are like most dealerships, the answer to that question is a resounding “Not very!”

Studies show 82% of people won’t even open a message from a sender they know if they think the information is not relevant.

Justin Brun and Ben Koller are the email experts. They know how to make awesome emails that get opened, read, and responded to in a way that puts more money in your pocket…and they are ready to share their valuable techniques with you!

In this thrilling 1 hour webinar, they will discuss proven strategies, best practices, and real examples implemented at their own dealership, Acton Toyota of Littleton, and will also provide attendees with a number of actionable takeaways for various email marketing initiatives.

This exciting presentation will include how to:

• Improve the effectiveness of your service reminders to increase loyalty and prevent defection in the service drive

• Better personalize your initial response through the use of video to quickly build rapport with prospective buyers

• Implement a sound review request process through email to improve your online reputation

• Build exceptional email broadcasts and enewsletters to generate more sales and nurture existing relationships with your existing customers

If you are ready to discover how to compose better emails that trigger customer response & drive results, then you simply cannot miss this important presentation!

PRESENTERS: Ben Koller joined Acton Toyota as an Internet sales consultant upon graduating from College of the Holy Cross in 2004. In his nearly decade-long tenure at Acton Toyota, Koller has been the Internet Sales Consultant, Financial Services Manager, Internet Sales Manager and CRM manager. Ben is a co-founder of Dynamic Beacon, Acton Toyota’s dealer-to-dealer digital marketing consultancy, and he can be reached at Ben.Koller@DynamicBeacon.com.

Joining Ben today is Justin Brun who joined the Acton Toyota Internet sales team in January 2005 and was promoted to E-commerce Manager in 2008. Justin is responsible for all of Acton’s digital marketing initiatives. Additionally, Justin has worked to ensure all of the dealership’s marketing efforts, from print collateral to TV advertisements, delivering a consistent message for the Acton Toyota brand. Like Ben, Justin is a co-founder of Dynamic Beacon, offering custom marketing initiatives based on dealership proven strategies and tactics, and he can be reached at Justin.Brun@DynamicBeacon.com.

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