Recorded on July 24, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Rev Up Your Content Marketing Strategy in Just 90 Days

Eric Miltsch Automotive Digital Marketing Strategist and President of Command Z Automotive Consulting

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Content isn’t just important these days… it’s crucial!

A robust Content Marketing Strategy is essential for all businesses focused on building trust, branding, awareness, and positive sentiment. It also establishes your company as an expert in your field which sets the groundwork for long-term business relationships. Furthermore, while most people instinctively tune out traditional, intrusive marketing, consumers increasingly crave the type of genuine, customer-focused information that a strong comprehensive content marketing campaign yields.

However, most dealerships find it hard to come up with quality content and some find it just as difficult to produce an effective plan to deliver it.


Not to fear! The expert in Content Marketing Strategy is here – and he’s ready to help!
Digital marketing expert Eric Miltsch will show you How to Rev Up Your Content Strategy in Just 90 days!

Attendees of this impressive 1 hour webinar will learn:
Understand Google’s biggest algorithm update in 12 years and its impact
• How your content should respond to the changing customer behaviors
The critical items needed to improve your website’s search performance
• And one of the most unique webinar giveaways that will help you improve your vehicle merchandising

Expect to leave with at least a dozen actionable items that will change the way your website and content marketing strategy is handled at your dealership and prepare your site for the Semantic Web!

If you are finally ready to Rev Up Your Content Marketing Strategy in Just 90 Days, then you can’t afford to miss this incredible presentation!

PRESENTER: Eric Miltsch is a successful automotive digital marketing strategist and President of Command Z Automotive Consulting, specializing in search marketing and UI/UX – mobile design solutions. Eric’s contributions to AuctionDirectUSA.com helped create the #1 independent used car retailer in the US 3 years running, and they continue to be extremely successful today. He also helped create one of the most successful automotive professional communities at DrivingSales.com as their Director of Product Strategy. His love of cars, marketing and technology is the perfect recipe for staying ahead of the curve, creating new solutions and helping the automotive community as much as possible. Eric is a respected and active member of the automotive community and he can be reached at Eric.Miltsch@gmail.com.

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