Recorded on November 19, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Optimize Your Marketing with Google Analytics

Kevin Frye eCommerce Director of the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family

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Most dealerships are already using Google Analytics to monitor their website’s performance and see which parts of their website are performing well. However, many don’t know that Google Analytics and Digital Attribution can point you to your optimal digital marketing mix, IF you know how to set it up correctly, and IF you know how to interpret the reporting.


In this eye-opening 1 hour webinar, one of our industry’s best and brightest, Kevin Frye, will show you How to Optimize Your Marketing with Google Analytics. In this advanced session, you will learn step-by-step instructions and groundbreaking strategies combined with real life data and examples, all of which will help you find your optimal marketing mix.

Kevin will challenge some industry norms which will change your perception of where to best invest your marketing money. Furthermore, he will share upcoming changes in the automotive industry that will turn every dealer’s current market spend strategies upside down.

Think you can handle the truth? This incredible presentation promises to leave you with invaluable Google Analytics insights that you can use to make tremendous marketing improvements at your dealership. If you want to learn How to Optimize Your Marketing with Google Analytics, then this is a webinar you simply can’t afford to miss!

PRESENTER: Kevin Frye is the eCommerce Director of the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family, one of the top 50 dealership groups in the United States.  He has been a leader in the industry with the use of video & video SEO, social media, mobile, website design and managing your online reputation.  Before his work with Jeff Wyler, Kevin was an independent business owner who pioneered selling cars online for both dealerships and individual consumers, selling over 500 cars on eBay in one year alone. Kevin was a Naval Aviator for 8 years, with extensive flight hours in Desert Shield and Operation Southern Watch, as well as over 200 combat hours in Desert Storm.  He has used the leadership skills he learned in the Navy to keep the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family at the leading edge of automotive eCommerce. Kevin is an accomplished speaker and he can be reached at kevin.frye@jeffwyler.com.

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