Recorded on February 13, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to “MoneyBall” Your Advertising Strategy for 2014

Jim Flint President and Founder of Local Search Group

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With today’s harsh economy, everyone in the Auto Industry is feeling the pinch and Dealerships need to make every dollar count! However, each month, countless dealerships nationwide waste thousands of dollars on ineffective advertising efforts.

Are you one of them?

Maybe you should use the “Moneyball” approach? Just like in the critically acclaimed book and movie about the incredible season of the 2002 Oakland Athletics Major League Baseball team, Dealers can use empirical data to make decisions about their advertising strategy that will actually provide more bang for the buck!

Jim Flint is here to help you “Moneyball” Your Advertising Strategy and get more from your Dealership’s advertising dollars. This 1 hour webinar presentation will include topics such as:

The BRAND NEW 2014 Moneyball line up
•Master a more effective process for prioritizing your ad spending
•Go over ideas for increasing “your name” bids by as much as 900%
•How your dealership can benefit from the online shopping phenomenon of “show rooming”

If you are finally ready to “MoneyBall” Your Advertising Strategy for 2014 and get a whole lot more from your ad dollars, then this is one webinar you simply can’t afford to miss!

PRESENTER: Jim Flint is the President and Founder of Local Search Group which develops innovative automotive sales and marketing strategies for the 21st century. Flint’s experience while working at the OEM level for Nissan and Toyota and his many years of retail automotive experience provide him with a unique insight and foundation for creating real strategies dealers can put in place today!  With his eye for meaningful detail and the ability to bring it all back to real retail implications, Jim Flint is widely recognized as a thought leader in automotive sales, marketing and advertising. Jim can be reached at Jim@LocalSearchGroup.com.

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