Recorded on March 27, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Make Fans and Influence Car Buyers on Social Media

JD Rucker Founder of Dealer Authority, writer, contributor, blogger and Social Media guru

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There is no other form of digital marketing that is mishandled by dealers and their vendors more than social media.

The promise of increased sales by reaching the masses through sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ has only been realized by an extremely tiny number of dealers across the country, not because dealers aren’t trying, but because they have used poor strategies that simply do not work. The gap between a bad presence and a good one is not that large in terms of effectiveness; even a good presence has a challenge driving more business. When you break through to have a great presence, that’s where the promise of social media as a true business generator can be fulfilled.

Dealers CAN sell cars on Social Media!

In this thrilling 1 hour webinar, Dealer Authority founder JD Rucker will show you how.  As the undisputed automotive social media guru, JD will discuss proven methods for driving local car buyers and service customers to both your website and your dealership through social media. He will show you techniques and strategies you can implement immediately to take your social media presence from bad to good…and then from good to great.

Are you ready to sell cars using the power of social media??

If your dealership is ready for a thriving social media presence that will make fans and influence car buyers – then this is the webinar you have been waiting for! Don’t miss it!

PRESENTER: JD Rucker spent a decade on the retail side of the car business before coming over to the vendor side in 2007. Since then, he has been a leader in the development of automotive social media strategies, taking on the “mad scientist” role of applying techniques from other industries to become effective methodologies for car dealers. In 2013, he founded Dealer Authority, an automotive social media firm dedicated to focusing on quality rather than quantity for his clients’ digital marketing presence. He is an avid writer, contributor, blogger and traveler and he can be reached at JDRucker@DealerAuthority.com.

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