Recorded on July 23, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Make Dealership Videos that Don’t Suck

Mat Koenig CEO of KonigCo and Buscador de Auto

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What if you could get more prospects to actually come back when they leave?

What if you could get more email shoppers to share their mobile numbers with you?

What if you could make real connections on social networks like Twitter and Facebook?

What if you could create long term relationships and more repeat and referral buyers?


In this eye-opening 1 hour webinar, Automotive Trainer and Author Mat Koenig will pull no punches as he tells dealers why their typical dealership video tactics aren’t driving conversion and how to use mobile phones to increase email conversion, turn more phone ups into appointments and build lasting relationships. Attendees of this fast paced presentation will learn:

  • how to get deeper connections with every customer that contacts the dealership
  • how to turn a customer who leaves into a be-back
  • how to get internet shoppers to give you their mobile phone numbers
  • how to create posts on Facebook and Twitter that people actually care about

Best of all, you’ll learn how to turn more buyers into repeat buyers with one simple device: your mobile phone.

Isn’t it time you start making Dealership Videos that Don’t Suck and actually convert? If you only have time for one webinar this summer, you’ll want to put this one on your calendar! Don’t miss it!

PRESENTER: MAT KOENIG is the CEO of KonigCo and Buscador de Auto, helping the best Car Dealers in the World get even better by focusing on generating first party opportunities and learning to focus on reaching U.S. Hispanic auto buyers. Mat has served in various sales and leadership roles on the retail side of the business for 12 years in West Michigan, before becoming Sales Training Director for one of the largest Automotive Groups in the Midwest. In 2006, he went to work with Cars.com ultimately becoming Sales Training Manager, before moving on to Edmunds.com where he launched their Direct to Dealer Program in 2010. One of the most sought after speakers on mobile marketing and Hispanic Automotive Marketing, Mat was a Keynote Speaker at Digital Dealer 18 and is a regular speaker at events like Jim Ziegler’s Internet Battle Plan and Sales Management Super Conference because his real world strategies are proven to help dealers make more money. A 22 year auto industry veteran, Mat is also the author of the books Winners & Losers and This Book is For YOU Stupid and when he isn’t setting the auto industry on fire or making sales tip videos from the road he can be reached at Mat@Konig.co.

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