Recorded on January 29, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Increase Your “Dealership Intelligence” for More Success in 2015

Ken Kolodziej & Matthew Kolodziej Ken Kolodziej, Founder & CEO of String Automotive & Matthew Kolodziej, Director of Search & Analytics for String Automotive

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Most dealerships have access to an incredible amount of data yet very few dealerships apply it properly to dramatically improve the ROI of marketing and advertising spends.

Dealers with true “Dealership Intelligence”, however, not only understand the data but also make it actionable to successfully and profitably guide every facet of their marketing efforts. They combine knowledge of the market and industry with localized trends and hyper-targeted buyer behaviors to get the edge needed to stay ahead of the competition.


In this extremely important webinar, String Automotive’s Dealership Intelligence experts, Ken and Matthew Kolodziej, will show you how to leverage all of the data available to you to sell the right vehicle to the right buyer with the right message…every time! Invite your e-commerce director, your agency and your vendors and together you’ll learn how to combine registration and demographic data with your own sales and inventory data to:

  • Increase engagement and conversions on make-model campaigns by upwards of 50%
  • Determine which models to promote each month
  • Define, understand and target the most likely buyers of each model
  • Develop messaging and creative that resonate with buyers
  • Measure, improve and optimize upon your results so you can be confident in your campaigns before committing dollars

Are you ready to learn How to Increase Your “Dealership Intelligence” for More Success in 2015? Sign up early and be sure it goes on your calendar. This is one DealerOn webinar you can’t afford to miss!

PRESENTERS: Ken Kolodziej is the Founder and CEO of String Automotive, a fast growing company that empowers dealers to unlock their data and uncover actionable insights that improve sales, marketing and service performance. A visionary thinker and bona fide data geek, Ken has deep roots in software and has been in the automotive industry for over eight years. Ken architected the code for String and was instrumental in establishing String as the only vendor in the automotive industry to become a “certified Google Analytics partner” back in 2008. Ken earned a Bachelors in Commerce from McGill University and studied at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and he can be reached at KKolod@StringAuto.com.

Joining Ken today is his brother, Matthew Kolodziej, who started his digital marketing career at Toronto-based Fabu Marketing, helping small businesses hone their online content and search strategies. As String’s Director of Search and Analytics – and in-house Google Analytics expert — he keeps String’s products and clients on the cutting edge of targeted marketing practices. His practical approach to maximizing marketing ROI and make him a sought-after resource for e-commerce directors and general managers alike. Matthew can be reached at MKolod@StringAuto.com.

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