Recorded on June 30, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Increase Your Appointment Show Ratio TODAY!

Jennifer Suzuki President of e-Dealer Solutions

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Oh Yeah!  In this fast-paced 1 hour webinar, sales trainer Jennifer Suzuki will show you how! She knows exactly what you need to say to your prospects to get them to show up…and she is ready to share these incredibly valuable tips with you!

Attendees of this fantastic presentation will learn:

– How to analyze data and statistics to understand the competition process and improve your odds.

– Proven techniques for setting strong appointments.

– Examples to execute during live phone calls, voicemails, appointment confirmation phone call, text message, video message and email.

– To assess your current appointment strategies and identify areas to strengthen for improved outcomes.

– Proper execution of these action-based techniques.

This amazing presentation will swiftly influence your sales by dramatically increasing your appointment show ratio. You owe it to yourself to see the impact these strategies can have on your bottom line

Are you ready to Increase Your Appointment Show Ratio TODAY? Then don’t you dare miss this webinar!

PRESENTER: Jennifer Suzuki is the Founder & President of e-Dealer Solutions, Inc., an award-winning Education and Activity Based Training Company focused on improving dealership showed appointments, sales and management process. Her 21 years of experience includes: President, e-Dealer Solutions, In-Dealership Sales Trainer, Guest Instructor at NADA Academy, NADA Multi-Year Convention Speaker, OEM, State Association, Twenty-Group Speaker, and Northwood University Graduate. She has a tremendous reputation for delivering significant success to dealerships looking for up-to-date phone skills and profitable actions that convert non-present buyers to showroom customers. She can be reached at Jennifer@edealersolution.com or text 954.873.8029.

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