Recorded on January 23, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Double Your Internet Closing Ratio in Just 90 Days

Peter Martin President of Cactus Sky Communications

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FACT: The average lead costs $20.

2nd FACT: The average dealership already has over 9,500 unsold leads in their Internet Department CRM tool.

If you could effectively get your marketing emails past the spam filters to reach all of those unsold internet prospects, why wouldn’t you do it?

Peter Martin, the “Web Doc” and undisputed expert on the subject of Email Marketing, is going to teach you how!  In this exciting 1-hour webinar he will provide the best practices of marketing to prospects through email using real sample templates and an easy step-by-step process. This simple, proven and very successful method will dramatically:

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Raise conversion
  • Boost your bottom line
  • And literally double your closing ratio in just 90 days.

If you are ready to learn email marketing best practices that will double your closing ratio in just 90 days, then this is one webinar you simply can’t afford to miss!

PRESENTER: Peter “Web Doc” Martin is President of Cactus Sky Communications, the auto industry’s premier full-service digital marketing agency known for cutting-edge marketing innovations with expertise in email marketing, database development and relationship building. Cactus Sky skillfully employs behavioral targeting, mobile-enabled campaigns, social media marketing and database development & management to generate tremendous increases in customer engagement and conversion for their clients. Peter is an expert on various topics such as: email marketing, website design, sub-prime marketing, database mining, online reputation, automotive marketing, social media marketing, and how to sell to women. He is a regular speaker for NADA, Digital Dealer, AutoCon, and IS20 and a contributing editor for Fixed Ops Magazine, Dealer Magazine, AutoSuccess, and many other key publications in the industry and he can be reached at Peter@CactusSky.com.

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