Recorded on July 3, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Google + Lightbox Advertising + Video Pre-Roll = Fireworks!

Shalini Jariwala & Phil “Mr. Video” Sura Shalini Jariwala, Strategic Partner Manager of Channel Sales at Google & Phil “Mr. Video” Sura from Unity Works

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FACT: In 2013, online video was the top ad format for driving brand consideration with new car buyers.

If you are not using Video Pre-Roll yet to improve traffic, customer loyalty, branding or sales then you are missing an enormous opportunity! If your dealership has been holding off from trying Video Pre-Roll then wait no longer! The experts are here and they are ready to help!

Shalini Jariwala from Google and Phil “Mr. Video” Sura from Unity Works have teamed up to present a powerful 1 hour webinar on how Video Pre-Roll and Google’s latest release, Lightbox advertising, can drive swift and dramatic results for your dealership.

This amazing presentation will focus on Google tools, video enriched landing pages, website video strategies and best practices that dealers should use to drive conversion and sell more cars. Not only will attendees hear from a Google expert and a video expert, to drive the point home, attendees will also hear from a dealer group using these strategies and how it has successfully impacted his operation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how Google + Lightbox Advertising + Video Pre-Roll will help sell more cars!

PRESENTERS: Shalini Jariwala is Strategic Partner Manager of Channel Sales at Google based out of the Google NYC office. Shalini has been working in high tech for the past 10 years and has held various marketing, sales enablement and business development roles at companies such as Google, Ooyala, Salesforce.com and Evernote. This year, Shalini has already spoken at the Innovative Dealer Summit and at a Digital Dealer Workshop and Conference and she is always looking to provide actionable takeaways to position dealerships for success tomorrow and beyond.

Joining Shalini Jariwala is Phil Sura who started the automotive division of UnityWorks Media, a web video company supporting over 2000 dealers and recognized as the video pioneer in the automotive space. Spending the last 10 years developing cutting-edge video strategies for dealers across the country, Phil has earned the nickname “Mr. Video” from his peers. Furthermore, Phil has presented at 14 of the 15 Digital Dealer Conventions, various regional sessions and numerous webinars. He has been a regular contributor to Digital Dealer magazine for the past 6 years and Phil can be reached at phil@unityworksmedia.com.

To share a real-world overview of how video pre-roll has impacted his operation, we will also hear from Francisco Diez-Rivas (Pancho) — a true car guy. Pancho has been in the retail automotive space for 20 years, (17 as a General Manager). Pancho runs Esserman International in Miami, Dade County Florida which is consistently #1 in sales and CSI for all three brands that they represent: Acura, Kia and VW. Pancho has been married for 33 years and has two adult children, one who is following his father in the car business.

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