Recorded on November 29, 2012 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Going Pro in 2013: Personal & Professional Strategies to Build a Healthy Income

Jennifer Suzuki Founder & President of e-Dealer Solutions, Inc.

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A New Year means a slew of new possibilities and a promise of something better than last year. If you are ready to make 2013 the year you become the superstar of your dealership, then Jennifer Suzuki will show you how!

With the goal of profitability in mind, this fast-paced 1 hour webinar is perfect for all Sales Consultants and BDC Representatives and will highlight:
* Goal Setting – learn how to map out consistent 20+ cars a month
* Time Management – take away a model that will help you focus and plan ahead
* CRM Organization – learn precise ways to save at least 1.5 hours in a workday so you can make more calls
* Training Tools – incorporate 3 key aspects to increase a strong mindset and lasting career
* Social Image – learn ways to grow your own leads and close more prospects

You owe it to yourself to see how you can make more money in 2013!

PRESENTER: Jennifer Suzuki is the Founder & President of e-Dealer Solutions, Inc., an award-winning training company focused on improving salespeople’s phone skills, emails, and operating processes. Her 17 years of experience encompasses a wide gamut of valuable auto industry know-how, such as: selling vehicles, training & installing DMS systems, retailing internet leads, and managing an internet sales division comprised of 28 dealerships. She has a tremendous reputation for delivering significant success to dealerships looking for effective processes, profitable ideas & a sound direction for the 21st century auto dealer. Jennifer’s passion and expertise are evident in her career as she is well known for conducting sales training seminars for numerous manufacturers, dealerships, 20 groups and state associations. An active writer and blogger she can be reached at Jennifer@EDealerSolution.com.

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