Recorded on January 12, 2017 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Fix Your Fixed Operations

Jerry Thibeau CEO and founder of Phone Ninjas, Recon Ninjas and Talk Options

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Most dealers enjoy 50% or more of their overall profit directly from their Fixed Ops department, making it far and away the most important of all the profit centers. So it goes without saying, NO ONE can afford to ignore their Fixed Operations and still expect their dealership to remain profitable.


In this stirring 1 hour webinar, Jerry Thibeau is going to take you on a trip down Service Lane. He’s going to drive right into the problems facing your dealership’s service and parts operations to help you tighten up those nuts and bolts. He will share best practices and proven strategies: some bold, some innovative, but all effective. In the end, Jerry will show you how to take your Service department to a whole new level. So stop spinning your wheels and let’s lift up your heels for this high impact presentation.

This is your chance to hear from one of our industry’s best & brightest. If you are ready to learn How to Fix Your Fixed Operations, then don’t you dare miss this webinar! Register Today!

PRESENTER: Jerry Thibeau is the CEO and founder of Phone Ninjas, Recon Ninjas and Talk Options. His three companies are focused on helping dealers achieve greater success. Jerry started his automotive career as a salesperson in 1985 and often sold 30 vehicles per month. In 2002 Jerry decided to become a consultant helping dealers improve phone and internet skills. That led to the creation of Phone Ninjas in 2010. Phone Ninjas has become a multimillion dollar business serving over 400 dealerships across North America. Talk Options and Recon Ninjas are his two newest companies and they are on pace to surpass the success of Phone Ninjas. Jerry’s mission is to provide clients with great products at a reasonable price while offering outstanding service, and he can be reached at Jerry@PhoneNinjas.com.

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