Recorded on July 12, 2012 - 12:00 AM Eastern

Expert from Google Shares Best Mobile Strategies

Eli Romberg Strategic Partner Manager, Google

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It shouldn’t surprise anyone by now that mobile devices have drastically shifted the online landscape. There are millions of active smartphones today with the numbers increasing exponentially so implementing a Mobile Marketing Strategy is simply the smartest move any business can make.

Mobile advertising has proven to be extremely successful in reaching shoppers at the moment it matters so it is no surprise that businesses taking advantage of a strong mobile strategy are reaping the benefits. If you aren’t currently including a strong Mobile Strategy in your marketing plan, what are you waiting for?

Mobile marketing presents a distinct and unique way to interact with customers but as with any new marketing venture, results can either be an outstanding success or cringe-worthy failures. This free 1-hour webinar will explore the very best Mobile Strategies that dealerships should be using to properly navigate the mobile landscape covering topics such as:

*The value of creating mobile-only campaigns
*Creating effective mobile-optimized landing pages
*Leveraging mobile ad extensions to complete the mobile experience

One thing is certain, consumers have changed the way they use their cellphones. Has your dealership kept up? If you are ready to hear about the Best Mobile Strategies from the ultimate source, then this is a webinar you can’t afford to miss!

PRESENTER: Eli Romberg is a Strategic Partner Manager on the Automotive Channel Sales team for North America at Google. Romberg has over 5 years experience in online advertising and possesses an innate passion for internet technologies and digital solutions. He is responsible for providing automotive partners with scalable business solutions to further develop dealer advertising strategies. He shares in-depth market analysis and has helped both partners and dealers maximize their investment with Google AdWords.

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