Recorded on August 17, 2017 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Digital Marketing Strategies that Get More Bang for Your Buck

Sean Welsh & Chad Graves Sean Welsh, CEO and Cofounder of Car Biz Done Better and Co-Founder & Chad Graves, Director of Sales for Reunion Marketing

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You’re not alone! The majority of dealerships feel the same. After all, you want to get great results without feeling like you wasted money or could have done better.

What if the “right” amount of money is the amount you are comfortable spending…and you just have to make that investment perform better?

That’s what this week’s DealerOn webinar presenters are saying! Sean Welsh from Car Biz Done Better and Chad Graves from Reunion Marketing believe that dealerships should spend what they can afford and stick to it.

They are going to show you that Digital Marketing Strategies don’t have to be expensive to get truly impressive results.  Attendees of this jam-packed 1 hour webinar will learn to establish a rock solid foundation for digital marketing with proven basics and new cutting edge techniques. This comprehensive presentation will include numerous real world examples and case studies and teach dealers to:

  • Make a solid plan to gauge success. 
  • Build a marketing strategy that fits your operation. 
  • Abandon things like useless national statistics and benchmarks.
  • Know which KPIs to measure.
  • Measure performance against yourself…and so much more.

If you are ready to learn the Digital Marketing Strategies that Get More Bang for Your Buck, then you simply can’t afford to miss this presentation! Be sure to REGISTER NOW!

PRESENTERS: SEAN WELSH is the CEO and Cofounder of Car Biz Done Better, a company whose sole purpose is to ensure that dealers are not overspending on digital marketing.  After 17+ years working Retail, with an OEM and as a Digital Consultant, Sean is uniquely qualified as an impressive digital resource, fierce advocate and trustworthy partner for dealerships large or small.  His main focus is to provide dealership clients with the confidence to make informed decisions about their digital marketing in the often confusing world of digital uncertainty and big data.  He can be reached at carbizdonebetter@gmail.com. Joining Sean will be CHAD GRAVES, the Co-Founder and Director of Sales for Reunion Marketing where he leads the company’s growth strategy in key verticals, the chief of which is automotive. Leveraging his experience at a 33-store automotive group, he now fulfills the essential role of helping a dealer’s leadership team understand the importance of SEO, SEM and social media. His company has built a strong reputation for providing comprehensive digital marketing strategies that drive quality traffic to conversion pages for greater ROI. He can be reached at Chad@ReunionMarketing.com.

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