Recorded on November 3, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

From Caveman to Calculator: 7 Evolutionary Steps to Mastering Digital Spend in Google Analytics

Joe Webb President & Founder of Dealer Knows Consulting & OMEED KAZEMI & Director of Growth Analytics at CarStory

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According to NADA, the average internet advertising spend per dealership in 2015 was about $145k/year. This ad spend accounted for 28% of the overall advertising budget and was the highest percentage after TV (24%), Radio (16%), Newspaper (14%), Direct Mail (9%) and Other – oversize balloons and streamers perhaps? (9%). $145,000 is lot of money to set on fire. But at least it will keep your Caveman fingers and toes warm!

DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR DIGITAL ADVERTISING IS WORKING? Do you even have the tools in place to measure your metrics accurately?

In this fantastic 1 hour webinar, Joe Webb of DealerKnows and Omeed Kazemi from CarStory will complete a digital ad metrics walk-around of Google Analytics by discussing:

  • Why you need Google Analytics
  • The definition of key metrics
  • How to identify digital ad spend goals
  • Whether to implement 3rd party tools or plug-ins
  • How to build out conversion goals
  • Which channels to focus your money on
  • The value of a marketplace VDP vs. Website VDP

Attendees of this fast-paced webinar will come away with a roadmap for correctly setting up Google Analytics and the ability to immediately begin tracking key metrics. Insights from this reporting will help determine your strategy for ad spend moving forward, give you confidence in your advertising efforts… and ultimately – sell more cars!

It’s time to get out of the Stone Age and learn 7 Evolutionary Steps to Mastering Digital Spend in Google Analytics! Register now for this must-see presentation!

PRESENTERS: JOE WEBB is the President of DealerKnows, an internet sales/BDC process and digital marketing consulting firm specializing in the automotive industry. He maximizes companies’ online investments through on-site training, virtual consulting, and the industry’s first lead management coaching software. Joe has been called “the funniest guy in the car business” and passionately speaks and consults internationally across multiple industries. He films comedic videos about car sales that are almost entertaining, writes for countless publications and online resource sites, and is viewed as one of the top process improvement experts in retail. With a history of retail success, Joe is best known for blending the lines between entertainment and education and he can be reached at Joe@DealerKnows.com.

Omeed KazemiJoining Joe Webb is OMEED KAZEMI, Director of Growth Analytics at CarStory, a company focused on big data strategies to more efficiently market used vehicles. Raised in Florida, Omeed had big dreams of becoming an NBA star, until his parents and doctors told him that he would not grow taller than 5’11’’. His second passion was numbers, so he went to school to study accounting and took a job in financial data analytics at a consulting firm. He was swept up in the internet funding craze of 2011 and joined a startup building up their analytics and business intelligence team. His primary focus from Day 1 was auditing and optimizing digital user acquisition budgets, and assessing channel effectiveness to grow user-level ROI. From there on his experience spans from finance and business operations roles with a primary focus on maximizing revenue. He can be reached at OKazemi@Vast.com.

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