Recorded on September 15, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Build a Winning Culture in your Dealership

Justin Brun & Ben Koller Co-Founders of Dynamic Beacon

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Smart Dealers know their most valuable asset is not the cars on the lot but the employees in their dealership. And while they work tirelessly to differentiate themselves from their competition, whether it is through pricing, facility amenities, Why Buy messaging, etc., there is a good argument to be made that the most important differentiator is the ability to build and sustain a winning culture within the dealership; a culture so positive and supportive that great employees simply don’t want to leave.


During this inspiring 1-hour session, Justin and Ben will discuss how to create, promote, and maintain a dealership culture that attracts highly qualified and skilled job seekers and, more importantly, keeps them motivated, productive, and happy.

Ben and Justin will share dealership-proven strategies and practical tactics to improve the quality of employment applicants, reduce employee turnover, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately improve your dealership’s bottom line. A few of the many takeaways from this session include:

  • How to build and promote, particularly online, a company culture that appeals to highly qualified and skilled job seekers, especially millennials.
  • Effective ways beyond the payplan to motivate your employees to accomplish your business’s desired goals.

If you are ready to learn How to Build a Winning Culture in Your Dealership, then this may be the most important webinar you see all year. Don’t you dare miss it!

PRESENTERS: Justin Brun & Ben Koller are responsible for Acton Toyota’s website and marketing campaigns.  Together, the two formed and manage Dynamic Beacon, a dealer-to-dealer digital marketing agency providing web creative services, email marketing, search engine marketing, and reputation management. With over 20 years of combined dealership experience, Justin and Ben are passionate about delivering unparalleled digital marketing solutions that produce increased sales and business growth for dealers. Justin believes good marketing is key to telling the dealership’s story and leveraging its overall brand proposition. He takes great pride in being able to take a project from a simple vision and develop it into a comprehensive program. Ben considers it a privilege to have helped Acton Toyota build one of the most successful Internet operations in the U.S. and is extremely eager to assist dealerships improve their online marketing initiatives to improve their bottom line. They can be reached at Justin.Brun@DynamicBeacon.com and Ben.Koller@DynamicBeacon.com.

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