Recorded on April 28, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Automate Your PPC to Sell More Used Cars for Less Money

Chris Burns CEO at driveMATIC & Stephen Ierardi & Director of Sales at driveMATIC

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HA! Of course you do!

Chris Burns & Stephen Ierardi of driveMATIC are here to help! They have been successfully assisting dealers with their online marketing and PPC for years… and now they are going to share how using automated marketing software can help you sell more used cars for less money.

In this eye-opening 1 hour webinar, attendees will learn the many benefits of using intelligent software and will gain valuable insight and new strategies that can help dealers sell more used cars very quickly. The presentation will also cover essential best practices and proven SEM strategies for use with the automation software that will supercharge your online marketing and bring quick and dramatic increases to your sales volume.

Attendees will learn how:

  1. Automated SEM software can generate more sales activity
  2. Self-learning software and automated bidding save money
  3. To attract bottom of the funnel customers with VIN specific ads
  4. Automated psychographic Facebook marketing generates targeted traffic for less
  5. Vendor reporting transparency builds trust and shows real results

If you are ready to learn How to Automate Your PPC to Sell More Used Cars for Less Money, then this is one webinar you simply can’t afford to miss!

PRESENTERS: CHRIS BURNS is the CEO of driveMATIC, a digital advertising agency providing online marketing services for car dealers including SEO and Automated SEM. It is evident that Internet marketing has always been Chris’ career passion especially now that he is focusing on the automotive industry and working with some of the top automotive dealers in the country to help them further develop their web presence online. Chris readily admits that while he thoroughly enjoys the challenges of growing, learning, experimenting and implementing plans online, it is the ever changing nature of the Search and Internet Marketing field that he feels is the most exciting part of the job. He has been studying and finding interesting new ways to use structured data on the web and also specializes in creating new systems to streamline processes and maximize the many benefits of web tools. Chris can be reached at Chris@drivematic.com.

Joining Chris is STEPHEN IERARDI, the Director of Sales for driveMATIC, who has a knack for educating others and making the complicated seem simple. Since breaking into the world of Digital Marketing, Steve has unleashed his valuable experience, graceful leadership, and superior communication skills to positively affect the ever-changing digital space and he has gratefully had the opportunity to work beside numerous automotive industry leaders and some of the best minds in the business. Steve is a lifelong car enthusiast as well as a semi-professional ultimate frisbee player for the Jacksonville Cannons and he can be reached at Styx@drivematic.com.

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