Activating Your Dealership’s Voice for More Leads, More Sales & More $$$


Activating Your Dealership’s Voice for More Leads, More Sales & More $$$

March 19, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern
w/ Kate Frost, President of Kate Frost, Inc. and Renee Stuart, Certified Professional Coach and Certified Personal Brand Strategist with Reputation Revenue

Leading dealerships in the industry know that the most relevant and engaging content a business can share with its target audience is contributed by those who know the brand, product and customer best – Your Employees. When each individual delivers the company’s brand promise in their own unique way, it is seen as a genuine message that leverages the corporate identity with what ignites them and makes them exceptional. Activating your team to advocate on behalf of your brand gives your employees the opportunity to share their professional expertise and receive recognition for their unique contributions….while garnering brand loyalty and more customers for your dealership. It’s a WIN-WIN!


Join us for this thrilling 1 hour webinar as we bring you two of the best and brightest consultants in the biz, Kate Frost & Renee Stuart. Together they will discuss how you can implement an EMPLOYEE BRAND ADVOCACY PROGRAM to expand your company’s social presence and allow your business to have a much larger footprint than what your marketing manager is capable of on their own. Benefits to the dealership for Activating Your Dealership Voice include:

  • Elevating brand awareness
  • Maintaining a consistent brand
  • Creating relevant and engaging content customers are eager to share….and search engines will love
  • Providing trustworthy helpfulness to your target audience
  • Sharing your authentic brand story in real time


If you’re ready to learn how to enlist your employees to advocate on behalf of your dealerships brand by ACTIVATING YOUR DEALERSHIP’S VOICE, then don’t miss this incredible presentation!

PRESENTERS: KATE FROST is the President of Kate Frost, Inc., which helps their dealership clients to improve their lead-handling processes and digital marketing. Kate has an extensive background in automotive advertising and brings a unique insight into the automotive digital marketing realm. From online advertising and branding to engaging social media and web site enhancement, Kate helps establish and maintain dealerships digital presence. With well over a decade invested in the automotive industry, she has collaborated with numerous OEMs, dealer groups and single-store operations both through in-store, outside sales and most recently in a digital media consulting capacity. Kate is a busy public speaker, an avid traveler, and she can be reached at

Joining Kate today is none other than RENEE STUART, a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Personal Brand Strategist focusing her 30+ years of automotive industry experience into her coaching practice, Reputation Revenue. Renee has always been a true car girl. Known for her innovative thinking, resourcefulness and vision, she has become a proven industry leader by identifying new opportunities and creating long-lasting strategic solutions in personal & corporate branding. Renee is a highly charged motivator who inspires her clients to understand the value of their unique attributes and learn innovative ways to monetize their business and community reputation. She is a highly respected member of the automotive community and she can be reached at