Recorded on January 17, 2013 - 12:00 PM Eastern

7 Ways to Recruit,Train and Retain Top Talent for Your Dealership

Craig Lockerd President & Founder of AutoMax Recruiting & Training

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Hiring and Training the right employees can make a huge difference in any organization! The smartest Dealers and Managers know that their most valuable assets at their dealership(s) are in their personnel.

But how do you find, recruit, train and retain top automotive talent?

During this information packed 1 hour webinar, Craig Lockerd will take you through the 7 best practices that will make a huge difference to you and your business. From the initial decision to hire (when is the right time to add people?) to writing an effective ad that will draw the right applicants for the position (Job title, description, tags and keywords) to placing those ads to generate the most high-quality career minded applicants. Add in a proven interview & tracking process, screening and HR do’s and dont’s, and strong motivating, training & retention strategies – and you have a definite recipe for success.

If you believe that the “Human Capital” in your Dealership is your key to success, then you can’t afford to miss this amazing webinar!

PRESENTER: Craig Lockerd has been in the auto industry for over 39 years, holding literally every position in a dealership. He became a turn-around consultant in the late 80’s and started AutoMax Recruiting & Training over 14 years ago, to fill the overwhelming need for fresh blood in the auto industry. Craig has personally trained & developed thousands of salespeople & managers while AutoMax Recruiting & Training has conducted over 11,000 recruiting campaigns and has recruited and placed over 100,000 people into the auto industry, from “Porters to Presidents”. When it comes to “cutting edge” recruitment of top talent for the auto industry and how to develop and retain that talent, Craig and his team from AutoMax are the industry leaders! A highly sought after speaker, Craig has spoken at numerous Twenty-Groups, dealerships and industry conferences. Currently, Craig is also co-author of the best- selling book, “Unfair Advantage”, and can be reached at clockerd@automaxrecruiting.com.

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