Recorded on March 28, 2013 - 12:00 PM Eastern

7 Priceless Tips that Guarantee HUGE Accessories Profits

David Stringer President of Insignia Group

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Q: Have you ever estimated how much “personalization revenue” drives off your lot?

A: It’s probably far more than you think.

If you are NOT currently offering vehicle personalization, two things are certain: 1. You’re walking away from a lot of money and 2. Your customers will spend their money elsewhere.

With the opportunity for diversification, relatively low startup cost, customer convenience and a hefty shot in the arm to other profit centers – not to mention higher profit margins – the question every dealer should be asking is: Why isn’t our dealership enjoying the returns a well-run accessories department can provide?

The challenge for dealerships has always been “how” to capture this amazing accessories revenue. It’s a process that involves sales, service & parts. Then when you add OE, aftermarket products, distributors, restylers, etc., the opportunities quickly become limitless…and, for most, a bit overwhelming.

In this 1 hour webinar, you will learn 7 Priceless Tips on how to structure a successful Accessories Profit Center that will immediately increase customer loyalty and dramatically improve your bottom line.

If you think it’s time you got a bigger slice of the $30B+ accessory industry pie, then this is the webinar you simply can’t afford to miss!

PRESENTER: David Stringer is the President of Insignia Group, the leading provider of accessory sales systems & training services to dealerships, enabling them to establish and grow a successful Accessories Profit Center. David is an entrepreneur, published writer and well respected professional in the automotive community for his expertise on increasing front end and fixed operations gross through vehicle personalization (accessory sales). He is an editorial contributor for highly respected industry publications such as Fixed Ops Magazine, Digital Dealer Magazine and Automotive Digital Marketing. He is always looking to help dealerships make more profits through accessory sales and can be reached at DStringer@InsigniaGroup.com.

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