Recorded on October 27, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

5 Next Level Video Strategies to Sell More Cars

Phil Sura "Mr. Video" with UnityWorks Media

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Studies have proven that video added to an email gives a far more emotionally compelling message and video added to a dealer website boosts engagement by providing virtual test drives. In fact, there has been a 220% increase in year over year growth in auto video watch time.

So if car shoppers love watching auto videos and car shoppers only visit 1.2 dealerships before buying a car, every dealer should be asking themselves,  “WHAT VIDEO STRATEGIES DO I NEED TO GET SHOPPERS TO VISIT MY DEALERSHIP?”

In this compelling 1-hour webinar, Mr. Video himself, Phil Sura, will focus on 5 specific video strategies you can implement immediately to improve your organic search results, website conversion and video pre-roll effectiveness. This advanced session will focus on best practices and case studies from dealers that are successfully using video tools to drive sales.  Additionally, he will share which key metrics truly measure the effectiveness of campaigns and the efficacy of video engagement.

If you are ready to learn the 5 Next Level Video Strategies to Sell More Cars, then this is a presentation that you simply cannot miss. Register now!

PRESENTER: PHIL SURA started the automotive division of UnityWorks Media, a web video company supporting over 2,000 dealerships and recognized as the video pioneer in the automotive space. Phil previously worked as a General Manager for four years and spent 13 years with Pat Ryan & Associates.  Spending the last 12 years developing cutting-edge video strategies for dealers across the country, Phil has earned the nickname Mr. Video from his peers.  Phil had two workshops at NADA 2016 and has three workshops at NADA 2017.  Phil is facilitating the keynote digital panel session for two FCA service manager conferences and has spoken at all but one of the Digital Dealer Conferences. He has presented at the CBT Automotive Conference, Innovative Dealer Summit, and numerous Autotrader regional sessions and he can be reached at Phil@UnityWorksMedia.com.

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