Recorded on July 31, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

5 Ways Live Chat Will Help You Sell More Cars

Todd Smith Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ActivEngage

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You don’t need a master’s degree in marketing to understand that quality customer service is crucial to the long-term success of your business. And the best way to swiftly and dramatically improve customer service on your dealership website is to implement a thriving Live Chat strategy.

Live chat allows customers to chat with a business in real-time to ask questions, get advice and build confidence, vastly improving their shopping experience…and your bottom line. So it’s no surprise that Live chat is now the preferred method of communication by today’s impatient shoppers and Dealers are just beginning to explore the most effective ways to implement this not-so-new technology.

In this exciting 1 hour webinar presentation Todd Smith, CEO of ActivEngage, will show you 5 Ways Live Chat Will Help You Sell More Cars. Todd will use real world examples from various dealers’ experiences and demonstrate best practices for connecting with online shoppers through live chat to greatly increase conversion, customer loyalty, branding and sales.

If you are ready to learn 5 Ways Live Chat Will Help You Sell More Cars then this is one webinar you can’t afford to miss!

PRESENTER: TODD SMITH is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ActivEngage, the automotive industry’s leading live chat service provider. He has over 20 years of successful industry experience and has worked in every facet of dealership operations, including a year as the General Manager of a Chevrolet dealership. Todd has developed some of the most cutting edge eBusiness, BDC and showroom sales strategies and solutions for a variety of clients including Ford, Ford of Canada, AutoNation, Budget Car Sales, Maritz Inc, Mazda North America, Toyota Motors Sales, ADP, AutoTrader.com and over 1,500 dealerships across the U.S. Todd is a highly respected member of the automotive community and he can be reached at Todd@ActivEngage.com.

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