Recorded on March 2, 2017 - 12:00 PM Eastern

5 Steps to Creating Your Biggest Competitive Advantage

Sean Stapleton CEO & Co-Founder of DealerTeamwork LLC

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Keeping a dealership running on all cylinders with happy customers coming back for more is quite a demanding task. Dealerships need all the help they can get.


Yeah, you are. For such an important topic, we called in the BIG GUNS!

When it comes to creating sustainable competitive advantages in the automotive industry, few have done it better than Sean Stapleton. His name is synonymous with success.

Sean Stapleton will share his top 5 recommendations to build the biggest competitive advantage for your dealership. He will discuss how to create more value for your dealership using transactional data, build more relevant campaigns and, ultimately, drive more in-market car shoppers. Attendees of this exciting 1 hour webinar will also learn:

  • How to develop the most efficient content marketing process
  • How to identify (and fix) the missing gaps in your current marketing processes
  • How (and why) to drive more quality traffic rather than just MORE traffic

Don’t miss this chance to hear from one of the brightest minds in the automotive industry! If you are ready to learn the 5 Steps to Creating Your Biggest Competitive Advantage, then you simply can’t afford to miss this presentation! Register Now!

PRESENTER: SEAN STAPLETON is the CEO and Co-founder of DealerTeamwork, an award-winning company that creates a significant competitive advantage for dealers with their impressive lineup of first-class solutions. Sean’s storied experience in the automotive industry (IMS, Who’s Calling, VinSolutions) coupled with his extraordinary leadership skills and successful track record make him a revered consultant and an esteemed mentor to many. He is widely regarded as an extraordinary sales leader and is also admired for his fresh insights and brilliant contributions to several top automotive trade magazines.  Sean is a popular speaker at numerous automotive events and a highly respected member of the automotive community and he can be reached at Sean@DealerTeamwork.com.

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