Recorded on May 16, 2013 - 12:00 PM Eastern

3 Ground Breaking Video Strategies Guaranteed to Sell Cars

Phil Sura Vice President, UnityWorks! Media

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QUESTION: Which one of the following statements is true?
A. Video is a game changer.
B. Video can improve organic search results.
C. Video has the ability to drive website metrics.
D. Video is 53X more likely to appear on page one of a Google SERP.
ANSWER: All of the above!

Google research shows that nearly 85% of all US Internet users regularly watch online videos and that 53% of auto shoppers priced a vehicle after watching an online auto video.

So maybe the real question is: How many more reasons do you need before you start taking this whole online video thing seriously?

This free 1-hour webinar with Mr. Video himself, Phil Sura, will focus on specific video strategies you can implement immediately to improve your organic search results, website conversion and video pre-roll effectiveness.

If you are finally ready to take advantage of everything that a strong online video strategy can do for your dealership, or you simply want to upgrade your current video strategies, then this is one webinar you can’t afford to miss!

PRESENTER: Phil Sura started the automotive division of UnityWorks! Media, a web video company supporting over 1,500 dealerships and recognized as the video pioneer in the automotive space. Phil previously worked as a General Manager for one of the top 100 Ford dealerships and spent 13 years with Pat Ryan & Associates. Spending the last 10 years developing cutting-edge video strategies for dealers across the country, Phil has earned the nickname Mr. Video from his peers. Furthermore, his “Best of the Best” panel discussions at the last 8 Digital Dealer conferences have garnered him extraordinary praise and allowed the audience to hear from some of the top retail Internet producers in the nation. Phil has also participated in regional training sessions across the country sponsored by Auto Trader, Car Soup and AutoUp Link and presented webinars for Digital Dealer and Automotive News. He is a regular contributor to Digital Dealer magazine and he can be reached at phil@unityworksmedia.com.

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