Recorded on July 14, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

12 Critical Fixed Ops Marketing Strategies You Should be Doing (but probably aren’t)

Glenn Pasch CEO & Partner at PCG Digital Marketing and PCG Consulting

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When it comes to the Service Drive, nearly every dealership is S-L-A-C-K-I-N-G!

It’s no wonder that consumers are drifting away from dealership service lanes to tune-up their cars at national service chains like Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube, et al.

Simply put, Dealers earn the majority of their overall profit from their Service Department yet they are just not promoting that profit center online! Instead the service department is deprived of the online attention it needs to drive more bottom line revenue…and no dealership can afford that.


In this incredible 1 hour webinar, Glenn Pasch, CEO of PCG Companies, will share 12 Critical Fixed Ops Digital Marketing Strategies that will draw more customers into your service lanes and, just as important, retain current service clients.

There are a dozen different ways you can greatly improve your most lucrative profit center from proven social media strategies to connecting your direct mail and website in a way that converts more. Using these strategies will give you the swift and dramatic Fixed Ops boost you have been looking for.

Stop the slacking! Let’s get cracking! If you are ready to learn the 12 Critical Fixed Ops Marketing Strategies You Should be Doing (but probably aren’t) then this is a presentation you simply cannot afford to miss! Register Now!

PRESENTER: Glenn Pasch, CEO and Partner of PCG Digital Marketing and PCG Consulting, is also a speaker, writer, coach and operations strategist as well as a customer service fanatic. A trainer at heart, Glenn works with executive management and internal teams to develop new strategies around Digital Marketing initiatives that will enable businesses to achieve their desired objectives and priorities. Glenn has more than 25 years of experience with a proven track record of leading diverse teams of professionals to new levels of achievement in a variety of highly competitive markets and fast paced environments. Glenn speaks on a variety of topics that cover business leadership, change management, digital marketing and the impact of this new technology on culture, business and society. Glenn is the author of the newly released book Power of Connected Marketing, he also writes for multiple industry publications and his articles can easily be found online.  Glenn can be reached at Glenn@PCGmailer.com.


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