Finally, an integrated trade appraisal tool for your dealership website that really works

Thanks to Trade Pending, a new tool from DealerOn and a collaborative partner, your customers never have to leave your site to get a fast, accurate trade appraisal. Trade Pending takes about 8-12 seconds to give your customers accurate estimates on their vehicles. This is the best evaluation tool in the industry, hands down, and it’s “off the books.” That is, Trade Pending doesn’t use book value when estimating values, instead, it uses local data that’s typically gathered out of a 50-mile radius from the customer’s location. Local enough for you?

Plus, the tool automatically shows a price range to account for those hood scratches that people tend to forget about. If your website doesn’t have a built-in tool to estimate the value of your customers’ vehicles, then you’re losing money. Worse still, your dealership may be sending customers away to 3rd-party evaluating sites or even your competition. Information is powerful, and your website can get a major boost by adding DealerOn’s Trade Pending tool.

"DealerOn's focus on data, analytics, and optimizing our digital marketing has provided an enormous increase in leads."


VP of Marketing, Advertising, and Brand Development
Hendrick Automotive Group

Flexible and accurate

Instead of dedicating an entire page on your website, the Trade Pending can be placed on landing pages, your homepage, or even a Vehicle Detail Page. And best of all, the customer never leaves the page while using Trade Pending, meaning your VDPs get maximum exposure. For mobile users it’s completely adaptive and flexible. In fact, we counted only 4 taps required for an estimate once a mobile user begins the process. Hey, it takes more taps to order a pizza, so that’s pretty impressive.

DealerOn’s Trade Pending tool will estimate:

  • a price range to account for varying vehicle conditions
  • a graph that shows trade-in-valuations per year and mileage
  • dealership gross profit calculations (using NADA data)
  • demand index (how long it takes on average for a dealership to move/sell a vehicle of the same type)

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