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Descending upon Las Vegas is DealerOn’s amazing team of all-stars. They will be manning Booth #601, showcasing brand new features helping auto dealers sell more cars.

This is your chance to see firsthand some of the industry’s most innovative digital marketing offerings. In fact, we’re offering a $50 gift card just for pre-booking a demo:

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  • Apple Pay and Android Wallet now fully integrated into your website.
  • Geo-Fencing, Spanish Websites, Pricing Tool, and so much more.

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Speakers? Two of the best.

Attend their presentations, and you could walk away with a brand new Apple Watch.

Greg Gifford — Monday, 1:30pm / Room 119
Beyond Local SEO: Gnarly Advanced Tips for Righteous Local Visibility. Bodacious Advanced SEO Tips That Won’t Make You Barf

Forget the basic SEO sessions you’ve all seen before – gag me with a spoon. Dealers are smart, and understand what SEO is about. This session goes beyond the simple explanations & strategies and shares specific ranking factors that will influence your dealership’s local visibility. Learn the different factors that determine organic ranking versus map pack ranking, and what to concentrate on if you’re in a competitive metro area. Greg will also share some totally tubular tips for extending local visibility through Facebook ads, along with creative ways to use new ad types.

Shaun Raines – Tuesday, 3:00 PM / Room 120
Welcome to the Jungle: How to Give Your PPC Strategy an Appetite for Destruction

You’re in the jungle, baby… and you’re vulnerable. If you’re a Guns N Roses fan or PPC fanatic, don’t miss out on this session! Shaun will take you down to the Paradise City and share so much PPC knowledge it will bring you to your knees. Paid Search isn’t a brand new digital marketing option for your dealership this year, but it’s still one of the top revenue generating options you have to invest in. Stop wasting money on low priority marketing channels and get ready for PPC insights and best practices that will help you slash your competition.

Party? You bet.

It’s Las Vegas, which means we’re sponsoring the righteous Joe and Shaun Karaokethon at Dino’s Lounge. Stop by Booth #601 to grab a pass.

What: Joe and Shaun’s Karaokethon
Where: Dino’s Lounge, 1516 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
When: Monday, August 8, 10 PM – 1 AM
Why: Because Joe and Shaun are national treasures

DealerOn really does have you covered at Digital Dealer 21, so pre-book your demo today and don’t forget to stop by Booth #601.