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You know what else is simple? Swinging by booth #411 to check under the hood of our high-converting, performance-driven, and results-guaranteed platform. We’re talking about the most advanced website, SEO, and SEM services in automotive. Learn more about:

  • DealerOn’s 50% Lead Guarantee: We are so confident that our platform will get you results that we offer a 50% lead increase guarantee. How confident are we? How about your money back if you don’t see your leads double? 
  • Click-2-Buy: Our new, fully-integrated online car buying plugin puts the entire car buying experience online, making it more convenient for your customers to buy from your dealership.
  • Premier Parts Plus: Our turn-key online parts & accessories storefront that’s completely integrated into your website. Reclaim your slice of the market!
  • Advanced features that help you sell more cars: Learn how geo-fencing, personalization, geo-targeting and other advanced features can help boost conversions, increase your foot traffic, and help you sell more cars.
  • … and much much more!

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Who’s got the mic?

Greg Gifford and Shaun Raines are dropping some serious knowledge on Local SEO and digital marketing, so don’t miss these sessions.

Greg Gifford
Tuesday, April 11 @ 1:30pm & 2:30pm / Room 13

The Wonderful World of Local SEO: A Two-Part In-Depth Session with the Latest Tips for Gaining Local Visibility in Google Searches

Great things come in twos, right? Greg is going to dive into the world of Local SEO in this power-session, with a focus on the brand new Local Search Ranking Factor Study from Moz. And it’s so awesome, he had to split it into two talks. If you were looking for an 2017 SEO gameplan, this is where you start and finish. Greg is an international speaker at SEO and automotive conferences, and you should definitely ask him about his James Bond tattoo.

Shaun Raines
Wednesday, April 12 10:00am / Room 17

Decisions, Decisions: Learn How to Prioritize Digital Marketing Channels

Digital marketing completely changed how auto dealerships can get customers into their showroom, and it’s tempting to try every single promising marketing method out there. SEO, SEM, display advertising, social media ads, and video ads…which ones are going to help boost your sales? Shaun Raines, a certified digital marketing & advertising genius, is here to help! Shaun will tell you which ones are worth your time, and how to prioritize your digital marketing channels to get the most return. Oh yeah, and he’ll be using actual case studies from real dealers, no watered down statistics or muddled numbers.

Will DealerOn make all your dreams come true at Digital Dealer 22?
If your dream was to get more leads from your website and $50 for pre-scheduling a demo…then, yes.

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