DealerOn digital advertising nets a 125% ROI for Jim Coleman Automotive Group

DealerOn’s digital advertising strategy for Jim Coleman contributed to a 10% increase in new car sales and a 12% increase in pre-owned sales in 2016.





When it came to digital advertising, the Jim Coleman Automotive group needed to see some improvement and clarity. And fast. “A lot of times, you’ll work with digital companies and some things will be lost in translation,” said Patrick Coleman, General Manager.

They had made investments in digital advertising efforts with various providers, but were getting unclear results, and it wasn’t always clear exactly how their investments were helping them sell more cars. Pair that with poor communication levels, and it was time to explore new opportunities.

Since 2011, DealerOn had been working with Jim Coleman Automotive as a website provider for their Toyota dealership. Because the relationship between Coleman and DealerOn was so positive, they decided to add digital advertising to the mix in 2015, and the sparks started to fly.

One of the immediate benefits to having website and digital advertising services grouped with the same provider was the end-to-end reporting. Each month, General Manager Patrick Coleman was able to sit down with a DealerOn representative and see complex, comprehensive reporting on their leads. Being able to track customers all the way from a click to their showroom proved valuable as he strategized with DealerOn to use their advertising budget in the most effective way possible.

Beforehand, it was hard for Patrick Coleman to tell whether his ad spend was actually helping his bottom line, but with DealerOn’s transparent reporting, he had access to that data on a monthly basis. Since communications levels were at a premium and nothing was obscured, DealerOn’s genuine interest for their success became apparent. As Jim Coleman’s relationship with DealerOn grew, they began seeing results. The digital advertising team added Dynamic Vehicle Ads to their strategy, which allowed customers to be served ads based on real-time inventory levels.

In just a few months, Jim Coleman saw their leads per dollar ad spend increase 120%! Their new car sales in 2016 grew by 10%, and pre-owned sales by 12%, in part due to DealerOn’s digital advertising efforts. “DealerOn has set us up for success, month in and month out,“ said Patrick Coleman, “They’re a company we’ve relied on for years, and I wouldn’t consider using any other provider for digital advertising or website services. After 1½ years of results, it was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions we’ve made here.”

“We’re getting about 120% more leads for every dollar we spend on Google with DealerOn’s paid search service.“


General Manager of Jim Coleman Auto Group

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