Hubert Vester Auto sees a 168% average increase in monthly organic conversions

With DealerOn’s unique approach to SEO, Hubert Vester Auto Group stores experienced all-time highs in organic traffic and conversions.





Hubert Vester Auto Group was looking to expand its online presence and reach in their market. They had worked with SEO vendors in the past, but hadn’t seen tangible results from their efforts. They hired DealerOn to get them to the top of Google for relevant vehicle and service searches in their local markets – to get more Google traffic and leads from organic search. They also wanted to increase the traffic conversion rates by improving landing page content so that it was relevant and actionable for car shoppers.

Hubert Vester Automotive Group has been with DealerOn SEO since 2015. During their campaign, the SEO team helped navigate multiple domain switches and platform migrations while delivering solid increases in organic search and conversions. During each step of the migration process, our teams ensured that all best-practice SEO techniques were followed to ensure minimal volatility and maximum results.

The SEO Team manages the campaigns for multiple Vester rooftops with OEMs including: Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan, and Honda. Each of these stores has unique services and offerings that enabled the SEO team to drive more organic visibility than their stores have previously experienced. We have seen a large uptick in leads from our website,” said CEO Chris Vester. “As most everyone knows, leads directly from your own website close at a much higher rate.”

Hubert Vester Auto Group has stores across North Carolina and the SEO team executed targeted Local Search campaigns built around ongoing content creation and optimization, link acquisition, citation building, an increased social media presence, and active review management.

Over the course of 2016, each of their sites have become more useful and filled with localized content that benefits humans and search engines. Each Hubert Vester store worked with their dedicated SEO consultant to ensure that all of their events were well-represented online and that their overall online presence continued to grow.

With DealerOn’s unique approach to SEO, Hubert Vester Auto Group stores experienced all-time highs in organic traffic and conversions with continued positive results expected in 2017. Of the customer service, Chris Vester said, “Having a single point of contact has been a huge help […] the communication is simple and effective. In addition to the monthly meetings, our contact and SEO team is only a phone call or quick email away when we need them. They understand our ‘brand’ and process.”

“I’ve been promised incredible results from a multitude of SEO providers, but I’ve only had one that delivered: DealerOn.“


Chief Operating Officer of Hubert Vester Automotive

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