DealerOn’s Elite SEO service will help your dealership gain more visibility in local searches.

If you want to stay competitive in today’s market, your dealership has to show up high in local search results. Our Search Engine Optimization team will help make that happen. We focus on Local SEO, a more complicated subset of traditional SEO, focusing on gaining visibility in a specific geographic area.

Our automotive SEO service is based on research from leading Local SEO experts, and we’re constantly tweaking what we do to stay current with Google’s updates – you won’t get some outdated generic strategy from our team. We concentrate on the 4 areas that will have the most influence on your dealership’s local relevancy:

On Site Signals

The most important factor influencing local relevancy is the content on your dealership’s website. Our team will make sure you’ve got the right content in the right places, and that all of your content is optimized with local signals. We’ll also publish a blog post every week to help target additional keyword phrases and build even more local relevancy.

Off Site Signals

Our SEO team will help build relevant links to your site from sites that matter – focusing on local links that will help boost your relevancy in local searches. We’ll also work on building your citation profile (listings of your dealership’s name, address, and phone number), ensuring that your information is 100% consistent everywhere it appears.

Social Signals

We’ll post daily on Facebook and Twitter, with posts specifically designed to increase audience engagement. A more engaged audience is a better signal of local relevancy, and will be more likely to see posts from your dealership in the future. We’ll also share links to blog posts, reply to comments and questions, and help keep your dealership engaged in local conversations.

Review Signals

Google reviews are typically the first thing potential customers see when they’re checking out your dealership. We’ll help you get more positive reviews, which looks great to customers and also helps you rank higher in local searches.

A different level of Automotive SEO service

We’ve structured our team differently than the other Automotive SEO providers… Instead of having a team where each person is responsible for a single task for a huge number of dealers, each of our SEO consultants “owns” a small handful of dealerships. Each team member does everything for each of their dealerships, so they know what makes each dealer unique – and that results in a much better level of service.

Even better, when you want to call in and chat with us, you’re calling your consultant directly, instead of calling a round-robin support line and talking to someone who has no idea who you are.

Monthly reporting that makes sense

You’re not paying for SEO to rank higher in searches – that doesn’t mean anything to your dealership’s bottom line. You’re buying SEO because you want your dealership to get more organic traffic and more leads, and that’s exactly what we show on our monthly reports. We’ve designed our reports to be easy to read and understand, and we’ll call you and walk you through them every month when they’re delivered.