DealerOn’s Sales Driver service is committed to our car dealer website customers’ performance and success.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest ROI for our Search Engine Marketing customers in the retail automotive industry. We have been providing our website customers a lead guarantee since 2010, and our Sales Driver service provides a similarly high level of performance. We focus on generating the most leads, calls, and appointments for each dollar we invest on behalf of our customers.

50% More Leads and Calls

DealerOn’s Sales Driver service has consistently out-performed our customers’ prior benchmarks by 50% or more

Google Certified Account Managers

Every Sales Driver customer has access to their dedicated Google team that includes at least one Adwords and one Analytics certified team member

Perfect Transparency

DealerOn integrates Google Adwords and Analytics reporting into our system, so our customers have COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY and FULL VISIBILITY to how, where, and why our Google experts have invested their marketing budget.

Oscar Vanderkooij
" Since we signed up with DealerOn, organic search traffic is up 60% and I'm getting traffic from 400% more terms. "
Oscar Vanderkooij,
Goodson Acura

How does DealerOn’s Sales Driver SEM service provide such amazing results?

We focus on the aspects of Search Marketing that impact performance. Our service provides:

  • Vehicle inventory real-time integrated dynamic ads
  • Dynamically optimized search campaigns
  • Google Analytics Integrated keyword-level lead and call reporting
  • Device-Specific Campaigns (Desktop vs. Tablet vs. Mobile)
  • Radius and/or City-Level ad targeting

DealerOn’s fully integrated Google Adwords and Google Analytics tracking and optimization services not only ensures that your campaigns will get the highest return for your spend, but also provides these Tracking Benefits:

  • Monthly Report with Spend, Impressions, Visits, Email Leads, Calls, Cost per Lead
  • Fully-Integrated with Google Analytics, providing complete transparency to dealer for actual traffic at the Keyword Level
  • Dynamic Call Tracking ensures that dealer can track all calls associated with marketing spend
  • Google Analytics Goal Tracking allows dealer ability to follow click to lead path