How to Make Emails that Get Maximum Results

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Every dealership can benefit from a robust and effective email marketing strategy. After all, when properly executed, emails can generate more sales and nurture relationships with your existing customers. They can also quickly build rapport with prospective buyers. Basically, a great email strategy means bigger profits.


Justin Brun and Ben Koller are the email experts. They know how to make awesome emails that get opened, read, and responded to in a way that puts more money in your pocket…and they are ready to share their valuable techniques with you!

In this thrilling 1 hour webinar, they will discuss proven strategies and best practices, and will also provide attendees with a number of actionable takeaways for various email marketing initiatives. Attendees will learn how to effectively design emails for mobile while looking at a number of highly successful campaigns specifically for dealerships. This first of its kind presentation will also cover:

  • Best practices for creating responsive emails that are optimized for mobile devices
  • An extremely helpful tool to ensure your emails render properly across all email platforms
  • How the Apple Watch will affect the future of email campaigns

If you are ready to discover How to Make Emails that Get Maximum Resultsthen you simply can’t afford to miss this important presentation! Register Now!

PRESENTERS: Justin Brun & Ben Koller are responsible for Acton Toyota’s website and marketing campaigns.  Together, the two formed and manage Dynamic Beacon, a dealer-to-dealer digital marketing agency providing web creative services, email marketing, search engine marketing, and reputation management. With over 20 years of combined dealership experience, Justin and Ben are passionate about delivering unparalleled digital marketing solutions that produce increased sales and business growth for dealers. Justin believes good marketing is key to telling the dealership’s story and leveraging its overall brand proposition. He takes great pride in being able to take a project from a simple vision and develop it into a comprehensive program. Ben considers it a privilege to have helped Acton Toyota build one of the most successful Internet operations in the U.S. and is extremely eager to assist dealerships improve their online marketing initiatives to improve their bottom line. They can be reached at and


Originally recorded: January 21st, 2016.

5 Digital Retailing Mistakes to Avoid

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You’re not alone. Many dealerships flounder when it comes to launching online commerce solutions for their store. So we’re bringing in the big guns to help you out!

Rudi Thun, COO at Roadster, is going to show you what it really takes to be profitable with a digitized commerce platform at your dealership. He will discuss the 5 common (and costly) mistakes he has seen dealers make and how to avoid them. Additionally, he will share real-world examples of top dealerships across the country who have successfully deployed a digital retailing platform and are reaping the huge rewards.

Attendees of this fast-paced 1-hour webinar will learn how to:

  • Develop your long-term digitization plan
  • Identify advocates in your store who can ensure success
  • Prepare your team for the transition and redefine roles for the future
  • Build consumer trust in your omnichannel sales model
  • Launch fast and show efficiency gains early…and so much more!

If you are planning to roll out a digital retailing solution this year and want to avoid the costly missteps, then don’t you dare miss this webinar! Register now!

PRESENTER: RUDI THUN is the COO of Roadster. Thun has been an executive leader in online automotive for more than 15 years. Most recently, Thun was Head of Vehicles for eBay Motors, where he led day-to-day operations of eBay’s vehicle marketplace. Prior to joining eBay Motors, Thun was COO of CarWoo!, a VC-funded new car marketplace. Before that, he was VP and General Manager of AOL’s automotive properties. Thun’s passion for the auto industry dates back to his childhood, growing up near Detroit, and further developed during his first job with Ford Motor Company. Thun earned his MBA from University of California at Berkeley and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. He can be reached at


 Originally recorded: May 17th, 2018.

The Secrets to Winning the Online Reputation Game

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It’s OK. You can admit it…you need help with your online reputation. Most dealerships do!

Popular review sites such as Yelp give customers a chance to review your products and services and share their experiences. However, it also gives dissatisfied customers a public forum to blast your dealership – and as many dealerships know, once a negative review has been posted, aside from convincing the disgruntled poster to remove it, there is very little you can do to take it down.


More than likely, the answer to that question is probably a yes. It’s no surprise that businesses that have a strong robust online reputation have improved their traffic, customer loyalty, branding, sales and service. What is surprising is the number of dealerships that don’t take their online reputation more seriously. After all, just a one-star increase in a Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue. That means, if you have a 3-star Yelp rating and an annual revenue of $1 Million, a 1-star increase can bring in $50K -$90K more each year. Basically, More Stars Sell More Cars!

Whether you have an online reputation problem that needs fixing, an online reputation that could use a boost, or no online reputation at all, everyone can benefit from this insightful 1 hour webinar.

If you want to learn all The Secrets to Winning the Online Reputation Game, then you simply can’t afford to miss this DealerOn webinar! Register now!

PRESENTER: Peter “Web Doc” Martin is President of Cactus Sky Digital, the auto industry’s premier full-service digital marketing agency known for cutting-edge marketing innovations with expertise in email marketing, database development and relationship building. Cactus Sky skillfully employs behavioral targeting, mobile-enabled campaigns, social media marketing and database development & management to generate tremendous increases in customer engagement and conversion for their clients. Peter is an expert on various topics such as: email marketing, website design, sub-prime marketing, database mining, online reputation, automotive marketing, social media marketing, and how to sell to women. He is a regular speaker for NADA and Digital Dealer and a contributing editor for Fixed Ops Magazine, Dealer Magazine, AutoSuccess, and many other key publications in the industry and he can be reached at


Originally recorded: January 28th, 2016.

5 Inspiring Lessons from World Record Holder Ali Reda

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Is Ali Reda the “Best Car Salesman in the World?”

As a world record holder, we’d say he is!

Ali consistently sells way over 100 cars per month! He recently broke the long-standing world record for individual auto sales, which makes him the #1 CAR SALESMAN OF ALL TIME! Ali and his longtime friend, trainer Damian Boudreaux, are going to give you the building blocks you need to reach your highest sales goals!

Ali has 5 Inspiring Lessons he thinks everyone in the automotive industry needs to hear, and he’s going to share them with you in this extraordinary 1-hour webinar! These lessons will change your perspective, shift your mindset, and prepare you to reach remarkable levels of success. You can use these invaluable insights as a foundation to hit the numbers you’ve only dreamed about. With Ali’s motivation, Damian’s outlook, and some hard work, you’ll be selling more cars in no time.

He did it! You can too!

Join this incredible Hour of Automotive Awesomeness to hear what Ali says every salesperson, manager, and dealer needs to hear. We’ll leave plenty of time for questions, too.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear 5 Inspiring Lessons from World Record Holder Ali Reda. It just may change your life. Register now!

PRESENTER: ALI M. REDA recently broke the 44-year-old world record for most cars sold in 1 year. As a master sales consultant at Les Stanford Chevrolet Cadillac in Dearborn, Michigan, he sold an incredible 1,582 cars in 2017. He credits his success to the Relationship Model of selling. Reda is also a faculty member at the Auto Training Academy, an online resource for sales people in the automotive business. Additionally, he is the co-author of the book How to Sell 100 Cars a Month. Ali is a highly respected member of the automotive community and he can be reached at

Joining Ali is DAMIAN BOUDREAUX, National Motivational Speaker for the automotive industry & Founder of Auto Training Academy. With 35 years of industry expertise, Damian’s philosophy for the training program is simple – “This business is about people and the key to incredible success is to build lifelong relationships so that you can be profitable and proud of what you do.” His unique approach to Relationship Selling has positively affected thousands of people who desire to operate at a higher sales level.  Damian is Ali’s co-author, has a solid reputation for honesty & integrity and he can be reached at


Originally recorded: 05/10/2018

How to Turn Your SEM Results Up to 11!

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Most dealers are currently using SEM as part of their digital marketing efforts, but a majority don’t really know if the results are actually good or even if their money is being spent wisely.

If this sounds familiar, ARE YOU FINALLY READY TO R-O-C-K YOUR SEM?

Join Shaun Raines for this spectacular webinar loaded with killer PPC strategies that will help your dealership crank up your lead volume.  This session will provide valuable PPC tips for dealers who want to rock high performance SEM and avoid wasting money. These super awesome PPC tips will also help you identify bad habits and huge problems that keep you off the main stage and stuck in the garage.   Attendees of this entertaining 1 hour webinar will learn to:

  • Identify proper ad group and campaign structure.
  • Understand which mobile ad options work best for dealers.
  • Recognize advanced targeting techniques for better campaign results.
  • Use best practices for automotive campaign structure, ad rotation, targeting, RLSA, custom match, advanced targeting, tracking clicks to sales and more

Paid search is still the fastest way to get in front of people looking for your dealership and the cars you help them buy.  So if you are ready to learn How to Turn Your SEM Results Up to 11 then don’t you dare miss this one-of-a-kind event!  Register now!

PRESENTER: Shaun Raines is the Vice President of Business Development at DealerOn. A true Internet car guy, his automotive Internet career began in 1998 with the Reynolds and Reynolds team that launched Microsoft’s, CarsDirect Connect, Yahoo Autos, Automark Websites and Reynolds Web Solutions. His unique blend of humor and automotive experience has made Raines a sought after speaker at industry events including NADA, NCM, Digital Dealer and 20 Groups. Shaun is a highly respected member of the Automotive community and he can be reached at


Originally recorded: February 11th, 2016.