How to Become a 30+ Car Salesperson – Mike “The Louisville Chevy Dude” Davenport

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Mike Davenport did it…and he’s going to show you how!

He is an award winning salesperson at the top of his game who consistently pushes out more than 30+ units a month. While his hustle, grind and work ethic are notably impressive, there’s no denying that his branding strategies and proven techniques have brought him phenomenal success…and now he is ready to share them with you!


In this amazing 1 hour webinar, Mike will share the best practices, processes and skills that every salesperson needs for maximum results. Attendees of this fast-paced presentation will hear about:

-How to brand yourself and why

-Social media marketing & engagement

-Selling strategies that blow customers away

-The rigorous after-sale follow-up that nets the highest % of repeat & referral business

-How to get customers to think of you every time they get gas

-Closing techniques that eliminate the need for a TO

-The ultimate customer experience that reduces showrooming and increases loyalty

We’re not sure how he is going to fit all of it into one webinar…but we’re certain that you shouldn’t miss this chance to hear from one of the auto industry’s best and brightest! Are you ready to learn How to Become a 30+ Car Salesman because this webinar isn’t for the faint at heart. If you think you can handle this hour of awesomeness then you had better register now!

PRESENTER: Mike “The Louisville Chevy Dude” Davenport is a self-proclaimed Chevy Enthusiast. Not only is he the leading salesman for Bachman Chevrolet, he is also a top performer of New Chevrolet Sales in the country and one of the 40 highest rated salesmen on A 15 year veteran in the auto industry, he has held numerous dealership management positions such as Sales, F&I, New Car Manager, Used Car Manager and GSM. However, Mike’s meteoric rise in sales didn’t start until 2010 when he bravely decided to leave the management sector of the car business to start from scratch as a salesperson in a new town at a new dealership where he could focus his branding efforts on himself and provide an excellent example for other salespeople. He owns several domain names, maintains a very successful YouTube channel with over 2.3 million views, runs very aggressive social media campaigns, and his social media presence proves he is a leader in the industry for other sales professionals & managers. Mike Davenport is the epitome of a Rockstar Salesperson, a very active member of the automotive community and he can be reached at

2016 DealerOn Academy: Q1 Automotive Marketing Briefing

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Join members of the DealerOn Executive Team to discuss current automotive marketing updates, industry perspectives and best practices. This is a highly interactive webinar where the majority of time is dedicated to Q and A from the audience.

The collective knowledge of DealerOn’s leadership team includes retail automotive, marketing, technology and service experience. Don’t miss the 2016 Q1 Automotive Marketing Briefing with DealerOn Exec team!

PRESENTERS: This is your opportunity to ask questions and hear from one of the most knowledgeable leadership teams in the automotive industry. Join us!

Ali Amirrezvani – CEO & Co-Founder

Amir Amirrezvani – Co-Founder

Chris Deringer – Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Clark – Chief Sales Officer

Shaun Raines – VP of Marketing

Greg Gifford – Director of Search & Social


Originally recorded: January 7th, 2016.

How to use Artificial Intelligence for Maximum Results

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At this year’s 2018 NADA Show, nearly everywhere, you heard of companies proclaiming the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The temptation for Dealers is to turn over critical communications to software driven tools that will match, beat or replace human employees. That’s simply inaccurate! Progressive dealers use a combination of both AI and HI, Human Intelligence, to deliver exceptional results.


In this brilliant 1 hour webinar, David Kain will lead you through this strategy and convince you of the incredible benefits to using AI with HI.

Fueled by the abundance of data and ever-increasing customer expectations, AI now has far more practical applications within a dealership business model. When properly utilized, AI will:

  • amplify your business and products
  • improve the customer experience
  • dramatically increase productivity
  • and even lower costs

You owe it to your dealership to find out how Artificial Intelligence can boost your bottom line

The future is NOW! Are you ready to learn How to use Artificial Intelligence for Maximum Results? Then you simply can’t afford to miss this amazing presentation! Register now!

PRESENTER: David Kain is President of, an award-winning training/consulting company that specializes in Automotive Internet Sales, BDC’s, Digital Marketing and Social Media with a focus on improving dealership sales and profits. Notably, Kain Automotive was voted Best Internet Sales Training Company for the last 5 years in a row in the Dealer’s Choice awards by Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine. David Kain has 20 years of extensive automotive retail experience and also co-founded, a dealer/factory owned joint venture that provides the Internet leads to Ford and Lincoln dealers. David is an active speaker at many industry events including NADA Conventions, State Association Workshops, Digital Dealer Conferences and Manufacturer Training Conferences as well as numerous 20 Groups and can be reached at


Originally recorded: May 31st, 2018.

10 Key Texting Techniques that Drive Results

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Texting has quickly become an essential technology that dealerships must master in order to stay ahead of their competition. When done properly, texting easily increases appointment shows, quickly boosts customer trust and loyalty, effortlessly opens a dialogue with consumers and ultimately helps sell more cars. With results like that, it’s a wonder that every dealership isn’t concentrating more on their texting techniques! However, many dealerships are unsure and inconsistent with their texting strategies and messages. Are you one of them?


In this stirring 1 hour webinar, Jerry Thibeau is going to dive into an expanded session focused solely on TEXT MESSAGING where he will share cutting edge sales techniques and modern technologies to sell more cars.  In this must-see presentation, he will help you navigate how to properly engage your customers via text message while still keeping your dealership TPC compliant. You’re going to learn the “WOW” factor that will impress your prospects and the 10 key texting techniques that will make a big difference in your bottom line.

This is your chance to hear from one of our industry’s best & brightest. If you are ready to learn 10 Key Texting Techniques that Drive Results, then don’t you dare miss this webinar! Register Today!

PRESENTER: Jerry Thibeau is the CEO and founder of Phone Ninjas, Recon Ninjas and Talk Options.  His three companies are focused on helping dealers achieve greater success.  Jerry started his automotive career as a salesperson in 1985 and often sold 30 vehicles per month.  In 2002 Jerry decided to become a consultant helping dealers improve phone and internet skills.  That led to the creation of Phone Ninjas in 2010.  Phone Ninjas has become a multimillion dollar business serving over 400 dealerships across North America.  Talk Options and Recon Ninjas are his two newest companies and they are on pace to surpass the success of Phone Ninjas.  Jerry’s mission is to provide clients with great products at a reasonable price while offering outstanding service. And he can be reached at


Originally recored: January 14th, 2016.

Online Merchandising Strategies that Lead to Profits & Growth

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Speed to market and effective online merchandising are essential keys to the profitable growth of any dealership. However, the majority of dealerships need improvements in one or both.

In this exciting 1 hour webinar, Russ Daniels from HomeNet will share cutting edge techniques about online merchandising that lead to a bigger bottom line. Attendees of this incredibly insightful presentation will hear about:

  • Industry insights and best practices in today’s marketplace
  • Ways to differentiate yourself with online merchandising in the future
  • What’s working today with online merchandising
  • The next trends coming (Social Media, Personalization, and Interactive Content)
  • Where online merchandising is going in the future
  • Technology and car shopper behavior that will play a role in online merchandising for years to come
  • Trends that dealers and vendors need to start adopting to ensure long term success


If you want to learn the Online Merchandising Strategies that Lead to Profits & Growththen you simply can’t afford to miss this presentation! Register Now!

PRESENTER: RUSS DANIELS is the Senior Manager, Product Marketing for HomeNet Automotive, the only provider of a unified platform that helps dealers save time and sell more cars by getting inventory out of your systems and in front of online shoppers. Russ has a strong background with Inventory Software products, holding leadership roles in Product, Marketing, Training, and Operations at HomeNet and Cox Automotive. His primary focus over the past few years has been working with HomeNet Sales and Business Development teams to launch innovative merchandising and syndication product offerings for dealers and industry partners.  As the Senior Manager, Product Marketing for HomeNet & vAuto Russ works to understand core market positioning as well as unmet and unrealized market needs.  Russ serves as the “voice of the customer” to understand industry trends in the effort to launch and market product offerings that are valuable, desirable, usable and feasible. Russ can be reached at


Originally recorded: May 24th, 2018.