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Make The Right First Impression With These Landing Page Tips

People love making snap judgments. It saves us time. That’s why the old saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is so true. Humans take one look at someone or something and make an immediate decision whether or not to invest any more time or money into it. When it comes to the increasingly important online world, that first impression is your landing page.  Continue Reading

Everything You Wanted to Know About Sponsoring a Team But Were Afraid to Ask

You’ve seen the plaques up at many a local business. On each one is a picture. The sun is bright, the grass is green, and two rows of kids, decked out in identical uniforms, smile for the camera. A simple black letterboard displays their team name. The plaque says something like “The Junior Eagles, Proudly Sponsored by” and then the name of the business you’re standing in. 

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