Education (Best Practices)

5 Things Other Businesses Can Teach You About Coupons

The first coupon of the modern era appeared in 1887 for Coca-Cola. Personally, I believe the concept of the discount was invented shortly after the idea of commerce, when one Babylonian shopkeeper offered “Free Fatted Calf Tuesdays,” but I can’t prove it. The point is, the humble coupon has been an important part of any business’s success for at least a century and a half.

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7 Ways To Get The Right Keywords

In the continual quest to sharpen one’s SEO to a razor-like edge, there is perhaps no whetstone quite as important as keywords. After all, when someone opens up Google to make a search, they type in words. Obvious, I know, but sometimes it pays to step back and look at things in such a way as to take nothing for granted. The goal with keywords is to figure out which words someone searching for your dealership might use to find you. 

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Make The Right First Impression With These Landing Page Tips

People love making snap judgments. It saves us time. That’s why the old saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is so true. Humans take one look at someone or something and make an immediate decision whether or not to invest any more time or money into it. When it comes to the increasingly important online world, that first impression is your landing page.  Continue Reading