Can you have too much Local SEO content?

My monthly column over at Search Engine Land is back in full force for the summer, and today we’re talking about dumping too much content onto your website. What am I talking about? Well, content is super important to your Local SEO strategy, but it’s not a catch-all cure that will immediately boost your rankings.

Problem is, I’ve been seeing more of that strategy than I’d like to.

Any SEO worth his salt ought to tell you that having a solid content plan for your site is essential, and you can definitely add pages to your site monthly – if done correctly. However, what I end up seeing is dealers getting pages upon pages of repetitive content from their SEO provider, usually trying to boost local results in multiple cities. Bad idea.

While you might have dealerships in 5 major cities, and you want to sell the new Toyota Tundra in each and every one, don’t let your SEO team write 5 different pages about the Toyota Tundra. It’s unnecessary, the pages are probably way too similar, and they’re not designed for user experience. Instead, they’re extra pages tossed into your site in hopes of convincing Google that you’ve got the best prices on Toyota Tundras in [major city].

Google actually penalizes that kind of thing, and you can read my entire article here. Better bring a pen, because you might want to make some changes to your site after reading this.