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SEO in the Time of Covid-19

Over the last few weeks we have seen Covid-19 go from a minor concern to a major obstacle in our daily lives. During this same time DealerOn as a company has taken every precaution in order to keep our employees 100% healthy and our workflow 100% operational. This includes starting our work from home initiative last week and proactively stress-testing all of our systems.

The main questions we’ve received so far are 1) Will our organic traffic be impacted? and 2) Should I pause SEO in the short term since foot traffic to the stores is going to slow down? The short answers to these two questions are 1) Yes and No and 2) No! but let me elaborate….

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Responsive VS Adaptive

What’s the difference between responsive and adaptive websites? That’s a question I get asked more and more often as the auto industry becomes savvier about their digital marketing efforts. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of these two popular website building techniques. Both are viable if implemented well, but responsive’s pros are steadily growing in number.

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