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Don’t Neglect Your Service Department

Adapting to a digital marketplace is important when marketing all parts of the automotive industry, but as I pointed out in “Screen Test” at Fixed Ops Journal, it’s especially necessary for your service department.

Dealers spend a lot of money on digital advertising to build more leads and sell more cars, but it’s important that you also concentrate on building a digital presence for your services. Especially since this department provides such a significant income.

The best way to do this is to go mobile. The majority of vehicle owners search for services on their smart phone, which means dealerships should optimize their sites for those devices. A responsive site that adapts to mobile browsers, computers, and tablets is the best way to achieve this.

You can get all of my advice on digital advertising for your service department in the full article here.

We want to make a difference. Here’s how you can help.


The tragedy that has affected southern Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is a cause that many Americans feel close to heart. It is estimated that Harvey caused at least $40 billion worth of damage, not to mention the homes and lives it destroyed and disrupted. Many Americans are looking for ways that they can give back, and we’ve found an opportunity specifically for the automotive industry.

DealerOn has partnered with Dealers United and the CauseNetwork Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to help businesses support causes that are close to them, to try and make a difference in the lives of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. This will give dealerships the chance to help other dealers and their communities to rebuild their businesses and homes after the destruction.

This partnership will allow dealers to create custom charity programs catered to their specific dealerships. Dealers can donate cars, a percent of their proceeds, or work with the foundation to find other means of supporting the hurricane victims. And after the hurricane damage is assessed, dealers can continue to work with the CauseNetwork Foundation on other causes and charities that they believe in.



In a time of crisis, it’s important for communities to come together. The automotive industry is a close-knit group of individuals who know all too well the importance of this. Through this partnership, dealers can lend a hand to those who need it most, including fellow businessmen and women.

You can go here to get in touch with a CauseNetwork specialist and to begin making a difference.

Mobile Lead Conversion Presentation from Digital Dealer 20 [VIDEO]

Download the slides here

We wanted to share a recording of Jeff Clark’s popular session from Digital Dealer 20 last week, so here’s the video! Tons of dealers were asking for the slides or a recording, so we wanted to share it on the blog so everyone has access.

As always, if you have any questions, just give us a shout or fill out the form to the right.

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Leaving cash on the table. You’re all guilty.


You got ‘em! A shiny new customer just drove off your lot with a shiny new car. You spent a lot of money to get them to come into your showroom and really pushed your sales team to capitalize on that opportunity. Your website helped, too. Lot’s of great pictures of vehicles, great specials, and an up-to-date inventory all worked together to really highlight your dealership. Your retail game is on point and it just paid off.

But, are you satisfied with only 3.8% margins on that new vehicle sale? You shouldn’t be. You know your dealership truly sees its revenue flow in from that customer coming back, year over year, to your service department. In fact, according to NADA, service accounts for almost 60% of the profits for the average dealership.

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