The Regal Nissan team was having multiple issues with their website’s performance. They noticed that they weren’t showing up at the top of Google for some important searches (like “Atlanta Nissan Dealer”), and they didn’t think they were getting enough Google traffic, given the size and visibility of their dealership.

They knew that their mobile market was growing rapidly and they didn’t feel that their mobile site was up to par. More importantly, they didn’t think that their website produce nearly as many leads as they needed for their Internet team. Finally, they didn’t feel they were getting the appropriate communication or website updates from their website provider.


increase in visits


increase in leads


top rank google


Melanie Barry, Business Development & Client Relations Manager at Regal Nissan, began to research new website providers and was captivated by some of DealerOn’s user-friendly site designs, which included a completely integrated mobile platform. “I really liked how easy to use the navigation bar was on DealerOn sites, and my staff loved the way all of the Nissan models were highlighted on the homepage” Barry noted.

In April 2013, Melanie and her management at Regal Auto went live on the DealerOn platform. Since then, the dealership staff is “thrilled with the amazing customer service we’ve received, both on the phone and over email.” Having the ability to both call and email (with timely responses) someone who understands what Regal wants/needs has made other vendors “frustrating” to deal with in comparison. Melanie really loves no longer having to worry about whether they will get flagged for a Compliance issue, as she did with their previous website vendor.


After switching, Melanie and her team immediately saw results—an immediate increase in website traffic and leads. The changes in SEO from their previous provider got them to rank 1st on Google for “Nissan Atlanta” and brought 7,600 visitors to their site in one month – “the increase in visitors since switching has been like night and day”, according to Melanie. Regal Nissan’s previous website converted an average of 85 leads per month; with DealerOn, they are producing 245 website leads each month, an increase of 288%.

Regal Nissan has increased their website leads so much that they are hiring another Internet Manager in order to handle the influx. Adding a lead conversion tool to their home page has allowed their sales people to get involved while auto shoppers are still early in the buying cycle. They not only have increased their lead volume, but the quality of their leads has increased too!