Price Honda is one of the largest Honda dealers on the Delmarva Peninsula and a winner of the Honda Council of Excellence award. Because of their location, Price Honda has the potential to draw customers from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and many different metro areas. However their website wasn’t delivering the amount of organic traffic that they expected given the size of their potential market.

Charles Crippen III, Price Honda’s Sales & Marketing Manager, wanted an optimized website that could attract traffic from all over the area more effectively than what their website was delivering. They needed a website solution that not only excelled in search engine optimization, but that also allowed the dealership to customize their SEO in order target different locations as needed.


lead conversion


increase in leads


more organic visitors


Crippen began looking for a website provider that could help increase the organic traffic to their website and help turn PriceHonda.Com into a true online digital showroom.

After spending weeks researching his options and doing his due diligence, Crippen decided to partner with DealerOn. They were able to demonstrate how their website platform is built with search engine optimization as the focus, and each and every page is indexed by search engines, including every Vehicle Details Page (VDP). Crippen was drawn to the ability to customize the SEO content on all pages, including title tags and keywords, as well as the proven track record of other DealerOn customers.


Moving Price Honda to a website platform designed to attract organic traffic led to a 47% increase in just nine months. Crippen is now pulling in-market car shoppers from all over the Delmarva Peninsula at a level he’s never seen before. “We have had multiple improvements in areas of SEO and VDP statistics for our entire inventory,” Crippen noted.

This increase in organic traffic and VDP statistics since switching to DealerOn has also helped Crippen solve a problem he didn’t even realize he had – a lack of website leads. The Price team had been focused on bringing as much traffic to their website as possible, but they hadn’t fully appreciated the dual benefit of increasing in-market website visitors, WHILE ALSO increasing the conversion rate for all of the traffic coming to their website. . With their new DealerOn website, incorporating proven, repeatedly tested automotive conversion best practices, they were able to greatly increase their website leads. Since moving to the DealerOn platform, Price Honda has seen an increase of 168% in monthly website leads, and his site converts traffic to leads at about 4%.

Overall, Crippen is thrilled the results of his website q, noting that “DealerOn has been a great addition to the Price Automotive Group family, and has helped enhance our identity with our new digital showroom.”