The Hendrick Auto Group began working with DealerOn in 2015, with the goals of increasing their website lead volumes and improving the experience for their mobile customers with DealerOn’s incredibly fast responsive website platform.

As soon as their new DealerOn websites went live, their dealerships saw their vehicle leads skyrocket, with some dealerships getting more than four times the website leads they’d generated with their prior providers’ websites. Not only were Hendrick dealers getting many more leads, but they were high-quality, in-market car buyers.


Average Increase In Monthly Leads Across 4 Dealerships


Dealerships Hosted By DealerOn

DealerOn’s focus on data, analytics, and optimizing our digital marketing has provided an enormous increase in leads.

Brian Williams,
VP Marketing Advertising & Brand Development

Not only did the Hendrick Auto Group dramatically increase their website leads and digital results when they moved to DealerOn’s platform, but they also got to experience DealerOn’s amazing customer service. It’s not an accident nor coincidence that DealerOn has won 6 straight Driving Sales Awards as the Top-Rated Website vendor, based on 3rd-party verified dealer customer reviews.

After the website went live, Troy and the team at Ourisman saw a dramatic increase in website leads. In fact, the new Ourisman Toyota website was bringing in over 30 leads per day, a 192% increase over their performance with their previous provider, yielding a conversion rate of roughly 5% (nearly 3 times the national average). They have been able to make changes to their site with ease, and they haven’t had to worry about compliance, since DealerOn is a Toyota-certified website provider and pro-actively submits their site each month. Switching to DealerOn has also changed the way the Ourisman staff thinks about their vendors – as Troy Nieves put it, “our website provider is now a partner, helping us sell more cars, not making us jump through hoops.”

DealerOn’s Client Results, SEM, and SEO teams all do pro-active monthly calls with our clients to make sure that we are focused on their goals to deliver the best results possible. Brian Williams raved that “DealerOn’s customer service is one of my favorite parts about working with their team.” There’s nothing more gratifying than improving our dealers’ results and making their lives better.

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