The Feldman Automotive Group realized that their digital marketing wasn’t growing as fast as they needed to support their eight rooftop dealer group in the Detroit-Metro area. After an exhaustive and thorough search for a digital leader, they hired Jennifer Briggs as their E-Commerce Director. She was charged with rolling out a completely new digital strategy for the group.

Jennifer painstakingly evaluated Feldman’s operation and concluded that they needed to change their website provider, SEM provider, inventory management and pricing tool, and merchandising company and strategy — and do it within 90 days! Briggs quickly realized that “with all those projects going on, taking on the massive project of converting web providers” would be impossible if she didn’t pick a company that would quickly deliver a traffic and lead focused website, without taking up too much of her time.


More Unique Visitors


increase in leads


Ms. Briggs considered a number of factors when she evaluated which website provider would best help her meet the goals of the dealership group. First and foremost, their websites had to generate more traffic and leads. Feldman’s sites consistently underperformed comparable sites, in both visitors and leads. In fact, the Feldman Kia site wasn’t even out-performing the dealership’s OEM mandated website. Secondly, Briggs was also looking for a website provider to be a true partner given the sheer amount of changes the Feldman Group was going through at the time. Jennifer wanted a website provider that would not only be more attentive to Feldman’s results and site maintenance, but also work effectively and hand-in-hand with their marketing and sales efforts in order to help the Feldman Automotive Group be successful.


When Feldman’s new websites went live they immediately registered a 152% increase in unique visitors, primarily due to DealerOn’s focus on search engine optimization. Their new websites were customized to target the local areas from which Feldman was looking to attract customers, and the platform itself was built to rank well on search result pages. Shortly after switching to the DealerOn website platform, the Feldman Internet Sales Department was overwhelmed with website leads. According to Ms. Briggs, the sites were generating so many leads that a General Manager said to her ‘Jen, this is great, but we really have no idea what to do with all these leads!’

When Briggs first joined the Feldman Automotive Group, “the job of evolving digital platform and strategy for an eight store group in 90 days seemed almost impossible – but with the help of partners like DealerOn we were able to accomplish those goals.” As a self-proclaimed “demanding” customer, Jennifer had high expectations for the level of support from her website provider, and DealerOn delivered. “They were fantastic and provided the level of support I expect from a true partner.”