DealerOn’s mission is to make sure that our auto dealer customers get more qualified traffic to walk through their showroom doors than any other means available to them. We do this by maximizing the volume and quality of their lead generation efforts.

DealerOn envisions becoming the first company to integrate a true transact online model of business for the automotive industry. For consumers who would like to purchase a car just as easily as they purchase a computer, book, or movie, DealerOn will provide the solution to enable it.

The Internet channel is not just the most profitable channel to do business, but soon it will be the only one. Gone will be the days where all marketing decisions are made based on ad buys and airtime. The only marketing spends that make sense are those that are fully able to tracked, qualified, and optimized.

The Internet revolution is here and is already moving into “Web3.0”. Interactivity, real-time data, and global accessibility are the only way a customer wants to experience the web. Car consumers will drive the experience or they will go somewhere else just as easily as clicking their mouse. Dealerships, through the use of a fully interactive platform will be able to attract, convert, and retain this new breed of consumers in a way that provides great value to both parties.

Innovation coupled with vision gives birth to a new paradigm for an industry struggling to evolve. Dealers who do will become more profitable and their consumers will be more satisfied. This brave new world is being built by DealerOn and its partners every day. Adaptability and vision are qualities that will determine who will be part of this world. Revolutions don’t wait for anyone, especially not one built on light speed. The decisions your dealership makes now will determine its very survival. Are you ready to make the right choice and adapt, or simply go the way of the dodo?

Oscar Vanderkooij
" Since we signed up with DealerOn, organic search traffic is up 60% and I'm getting traffic from 400% more terms. "
Oscar Vanderkooij,
Goodson Acura