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Our Speakers

Chris Deringer

Top 10 Mobile Digital Strategies That Fill Service Lanes

DealerOn’s Chief Business Officer, Chris Deringer will show dealers how to take advantage of the service market’s shift to mobile devices to quickly catch up to the national service trends that have traditionally dominated them. Catch his sessions on Friday 2/14 and Sunday 2/16.

Don’t miss DealerOn’s Chief Product Officer Michael DeVito’s session:

Optimizing Your Website in the Age of Digital Retailing

While a website is one of the most important pieces of a dealership’s business, it is often one of the most undervalued and overlooked assets, costing dealers thousands of dollars every month. So before starting down the path of digital retailing or spending thousands in digital advertising, optimize your website first. We will review case studies and scenarios to show how much money dealers are wasting.

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The DealerOn booth is located in the southwest corner of the Central Hall, near the Ford booth.

Booth #246C