Close to 40% of all new car dealerships in North America have a body shop and offering collision repair is no small task.

The substantial investment in facilities and professional mechanics should be merged with a solid marketing strategy beginning with a website. A dedicated website for collision repair is a secret weapon for intelligent, progressive dealers.

Consider these advantageous benefits:

Complete dedicated focus of website content making navigation easy for your customers

Entire website optimized for collision related keywords in search engines

Clear call to action not overshadowed by new and used car sales initiatives

Ability to run PPC and display advertising campaigns specific to collision

" I had been using one of the most visible website providers, so I was skeptical that DealerOn could ‘double’ my leads. They actually QUADRUPLED them! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t been able to measure it myself. "
Mitch Gallant,
Capital Auto Group

Some of Our Collision Websites