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Building Links with your Relationships to Drive SEO

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- Oscar Vanderkooij, Goodson Acura

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Many auto dealerships are involved in community activities. They sponsor local kid's sports teams, help with blood drives, and participate in fundraising events for charities. All of these activities put a face and personality to your dealership. They show potential customers that you are a dealer that cares about them and the community, and that you're interested in more than just selling them a car.

But the minds of the auto-buying public can be fleeting--one way to make sure people remember that your auto dealership participated in these community-building events is to ask all organizations involved to mention your dealership's involvement on their website. This way, when people are browsing these organization's websites, they'll be reminded that your auto dealership was involved.

Even more importantly for your dealership, when these organizations provide a link to your dealer website, you benefit from having an extremely valuable inbound link to your website. Relevant inbound links are very important to being successful in SEO Accelerator™. A link is seen as valuable and relevant by Google when it comes from a website that contains content that your customers would find valuable.

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As a car dealer, your most valuable relevant links will come from local organizations--such as local newspaper websites, local TV station websites, local businesses and non-profit organizations. A link from the local youth sports organization that talks about your dealership as a place to buy a car locally is more valuable than a link from a website across the country that has nothing to do with cars or your dealership's town. In exchange for your marketing dollars, donations, or sponsorship, have these companies/groups help you by creating contextual links back to your dealership website.

The best way to have your community link to your site is to use the keywords that you want to be ranked for in their links. For instance, if you have a Nissan dealership, have them use "Nissan Dealer" in the anchor text when they link to your car dealership's website.

This process is called inbound-linking, and it is very important for SEO success. Also, having links to and mentions of your dealership on other websites should increase the number of web pages that are found (and ranked) by search engines. When someone is using a search engine while researching a new car purchase, they'll be more likely to find your dealership online. DealerOn can help your dealership better understand and properly set up your inbound-linking strategy.

It can also help to add this relationship-building content to your website to remind people and reinforce that you're one of the good guys and that buying a car from you means more than just the purchase. Anytime you can add relevant content to your website it can help with SEO. If there is news coverage, link to the article in the paper's archives or, even better, link to the video of the newscast. Ask news organizations that cover the event to link to your dealership website in their online content. This is another way to use inbound links and backlinking to increase your SEO effectiveness.

In case you're reaching for ideas, here are a few ideas for ways to get involved in your community:

  • Sports team sponsorship
  • Charity event involvement
  • Community event participation
  • Educational scholarship programs
  • Your manufacturer's involvement in local events
  • Employee stories that show why they care about your customers or drive your brand of car

When you show that you are the auto dealership that is interested in reaching out and developing relationships with your customers for the long haul, you will be able to increase sales.

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Goodson Acura increased their Search traffic 60% with DealerOn.

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